Regions Traditions Interview: Mark Calcavecchia

June 07, 2013

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PHIL STAMBAUGH:  4-under 68, any highlights to the round?

MARK CALCAVECCHIA:  Nothing outstanding.  I bogeyed the 3rd hole, probably the easiest hole on the course, made a 6 there, easy par 5.  Knew I was hitting it pretty good and I knew there were some birdies out there.  Couldn't draw up a better day to play golf, you know, virtually zero wind.  Really didn't play wind on one single shot.  The greens are soft and they're perfect.  That's why you're seeing a lot of good scores today.

Q.  Is that a cliche, you can't win it the first day but you can lose it?

MARK CALCAVECCHIA:  Well, on this Tour it is.  Generally all our tournaments are three rounds and if you shoot a bad or even par or 73 or 4 the first round you're done, you can't win unless you shoot a pair of 62s.  So the first day is very important and this week we have four rounds, so it's a little less important, but it's great to get off to a good start.

Q.  Nice to end the first day on a birdie, kind of sleep well tonight with a birdie?

MARK CALCAVECCHIA:  Yeah, it always feels good, makes dinner taste a little better.  Birdied the last two and, you know, I hit a great shot into the last hole and you're hoping ‑‑ it's usually further away than you think and I got up there and it's about 10 inches from the hole and I'm like all right, I can make that one.  It's definitely a nice way to finish.