Regions Tradition Interview: Corey Pavin

June 07, 2013

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PHIL STAMBAUGH:  Just a couple thoughts about the round?  Had a lot of rain last night but most everybody said it's dried out pretty good.  Did you play okay today?

COREY PAVIN:  Yeah, I played well.  Hit a lot of fairways and made some good medium range putts.  Missed a couple putts that I would have liked to have made, they were 6‑footers.  But all in all I played very solidly, happy with the round.  It is soft out there, so that's why the scores are reasonably good.

PHIL STAMBAUGH:  Any highlights to the round, any long putts or anything? 

COREY PAVIN:  Nothing really long.  I think I just made some 12‑footers and 15‑footers, but no big bombs or anything, just a lot of good medium length putts. 

PHIL STAMBAUGH:  Four‑round event, second major.  You didn't play the first one.  Your thoughts about Shoal Creek?

 COREY PAVIN:  Well, I love Shoal Creek.  I think it's a wonderful golf course.  It's all right there in front of you.  It's not tricked up, there's nothing out here that would even come close to saying anything negative.  It's just a very solid golf course.  You see everything in front of you and you get what you deserve out here for the most part.  It's a very fair golf course.