Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic interview: Pavin

March 23, 2013

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COREY PAVIN: Really bad swing on the 18th tee and I was actually fortunate to make bogey after all that.

But I played really well today. Obviously I got off to a great start birdieing the first six holes. I made a couple of bogeys, I made a couple birdies, and it was just kind of a weird day after the first six holes, but I played well, and if I can go out tomorrow and play like I did today, I'll be in good shape.

Q. You mentioned those first six holes. That must have been a pretty awesome stretch for you. What was going so well?

It was fun. I started the Milwaukee tournament in '06 like that. I birdied the first six. I did better after that than I did today, but it's fun to do. That's my longest string of birdies in a tournament ever, and I got a little frisky on 7 trying to break my own record and three‑putted, but again, it was a good day. Obviously a good start.

Q. There was several guys that went pretty low today. Why was the course I guess a little more for giving?

Probably there was a couple of pins that might have been a little bit easier, but there was no wind at all. It was just calm as could be. And I felt like the greens were just a little bit more receptive today than they have been, and I think they'll probably be more receptive tomorrow, too, so probably be some good scores if the wind doesn't blow.

Q. Looks like you just got a great ‑‑ I mean just 10, 12 golfers just within a few strokes of each other. Should be a shootout tomorrow?

Yeah. Four 8s. I don't even know how many 7s there are, and I'm sure there's quite a few 6s, so anybody who just shoots a really good round tomorrow could come from behind and put a lot of pressure on anybody and everybody that's up there.

Q. What's your approach when it is that close? Is there apprehension or is there more an aggressive approach that you have to take?

You know, I don't really do anything that much differently. You know, if it was the last hole or two, I might be a little bit more aggressive if the situation called for it. But for the most part I can just play my own game and hopefully make a few putts and make some birdies and get going.