Toshiba Classic interview: Fred Couples

March 17, 2013

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Q. You got within 1 with a birdie at 10.

I got within one on the 1st hole and I tie him.

Q. 10 as well.

Yeah. You know, I didn't play well enough to really put any heat on him. The shot on 12, I guess, I walked to the side, watched Jimmy's go over the tree and it went through the tree, and I told myself the whole time not to do that and I hit a shot trying to go up over it and I didn't go over it. To be honest with you, I've never even seen that tree or worried about it. The pin was in the front, it hit the tree and bounced down and made bogey. I believe he birdied the next hole after that, the par 3, is that right, to go to 3 up. I had a pretty easy shot on the par 5 maybe to trickle it down there and have an eagle putt and pull hooked it. And after that he played very
well. He made a putt on 17 that if it wouldn't have gone in, he may have 3-putted, but it still wouldn't have mattered. He was well in control and he played well.

Q. On 16, (inaudible)

I took the sweater off and I was feeling good not playing in it. I have Icy Hot all over my body and I'm actually very, very stiff. But I hit a lot of bad wedges. I hit a bad wedge on 6, on 7 really, and then on whatever that 17 -- 16 was not very good, but I was kind of flinching at them.

Q. You could tell it.

Yeah, well, they weren't very good swings either, but a lot of times it's because I don't get through the ball. But anything off the tee, it's the same old thing, when I hit off the tee, I seem to do all right and further away from the ball, but when I get a wedge and bend over, I'm not very good and I certainly wasn't very good with a couple short irons either. Like I said, he played really, really well. He's very consistent and I knew I was going to need to shoot 66 or 67 to have a chance. I wasn't very close to that.