Toshiba Classic interview: David Frost

March 16, 2013

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Q Okay, David, nice eagle at the last and you've got a one-shot lead over Fred going into tomorrow. Just talk about the day.

It was a day where Freddie and I sort of battled it out. We were on top of the leaderboard all day and he made a nice birdie on 10 and I followed that on top of that and then again on 13. I think we both played steady golf. His driver wasn't as straight as he would have liked it, but I managed to find the green on the next shot. And I think it will be a fun day tomorrow.

Q Do you just want to highlight, obviously the eagle at the last?

Yeah, it's always nice finishing off like that. 18 is a lot harder for the second shot to get it close to the hole. I had exactly the same yardage I had yesterday and just sort of bunted it up the hill. I couldn't really fly it up and stop it up there. And then I had a good look at the putt straight down the hill, one of those things one of those putt you just try and cozy it down there if it goes in.

Q Fifteen feet? How far?

Yeah, 15, 18 feet. Overall, yeah, played steady golf today. Again, it's a little chilly out there and hard to get in the rhythm. You're hitting a lot of 7 , 8 , 9 irons into the breeze which tends to spin the ball a little more, so you're always between shots trying to hit an easy shot into the wind with a little more club ball than, you know, or hitting a shot a little more club or less club and then you get that spin on the ball. So you're always between shots on a bunch of those easy par 4s, but then it's hard to get it close to the hole.

Q Is there any specific part of your game that's really standing out for you this weekend?

DAVID FROST: You know, I feel comfortable with my game. I'm not worried about any part in particular. So I think nothing really stands out. Just comfortable and, yeah, what else can I say?

Q This sort of sounds today like what we're going to see tomorrow, you and Freddie battling it out?

DAVID FROST: Well,you never know out there. You've got a bunch of good golfers out there. Some of those guys shot 63 early in the day. That can always happen. But so challenging playing with a guy like Fred because a lot of times he putts first, but a lot of times he did putt first today and I keep saying to myself, he's going to make this, he's going to make this, and lo and behold, he makes it. And then I have to kind of keep my composure, and fortunately for me I made a couple birdies on top of where he made birdies. And it's really a fun challenge and that's what we actually live for. We live for the moment of getting in the heat of the battle like this, and you don't want to get scared and run away from it, you know. Just like you don't have to really approach it as if it's the moment. You just try and play your game.

Q Sounds like 68 is not going to get it done tomorrow though. You're going to have to

DAVID FROST: Yeah, I just play my normal game. I think 68 would be a good score and I'll take that right now.

Q David you haven't played this course that many times out there. That shot on 18, it looked like you grew up here the way that you ran that ball up on the green.

DAVID FROST: I had kind of an in between yardage that I could have hit a high 3 iron and got up there, but I wouldn't have been able to stop it. And so I just thought I had exactly the same yardage yesterday, 200 yards to the front, and just played that little Scottish run up there. You only have about 10 feet to hit it in, and if it goes too far right then it rolls down there, and too far left and you've got the bunker. So

Q What club?

I hit a 3 iron, tried to land it maybe 180 or 90 yards and the roll would take care of the rest.

Q So you're not playing here a lot then? Gary Player's told me a few times he loves coming out here. He says it's just like our courses back home. Do you feel that?

It's funny enough, my brother is caddieing for me and he got here, walked the course on Tuesday, and he said, you know, just like our courses at home. We have eucalyptus as well and we have the kikuyu fairways, so, yes feels very much like home.

Q Familiarity helps, doesn't it?

DAVID FROST: It does. Kikuyu, as I said, I'm very familiar with kikuyu. The kikuyu is treated very well around the greens so you can actually run the ball in. Our courses aren't too manicured like that. We have to chip the ball and land on the green. So that's the way I grew up, on kikuyu fringes.

Q Can you just go through the round, start with five straight pars

DAVID FROST: I 3 putted No. 3 from quite a long way, unnecessary, yeah. But I had two great shots on the green. And then number made a nice birdie on 6, made about a 15 footer from just off the fringe. I was between clubs, Freddy hit a 4 iron on the back of the green and I thought maybe I could have hit a 5 on there and tried to hit an easy 4 and didn't hit a good shot, made a bogey there. And then 10 we both were on the fringe of the green, pin was about eight paces on the green. He made his and I rolled mine?

Q About how far?

DAVID FROST: Eight paces, 24 feet.

Q 12?

12, he made from 15 and I made it from about 13. And then 15 I chipped it up to about two feet. 16 I left I missed about a 10 footer for birdie there that was makeable. 17, I was unlucky with my tee shot finish, got to the top of the hill and rolled all the way back down, but I'd rather approach that green from the bottom than from the top. And then 18 was a little bonus.

MODERATOR: Anything else? Good luck tomorrow.