Toshiba Classic interview: David Frost

March 15, 2013

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PHIL STAMBAUGH: You had a very nice 8 under par, 63 to start the Toshiba Classic. Very nice round, clean card. No bogeys and 31 on the back nine. Just a couple overall comments about how the day went?

Well, it was cold out there. I kept thinking I'm going to take this sweater off sooner or later, but I just stayed cold all the way. Your body just doesn't loosen up, and I got a little tight on a couple of the drives on the last couple holes, but made it to save par on the two holes where I hit two bad drives. You know, overall obviously the score tells a good story. I hit some great iron shots today. I had a lot of shots really close to the hole, made a good birdie on the first hole, about a 12 footer, and No. 3 I made about a six footer. No. 6 hit about a six footer for birdie again. 7, I served about a 10 footer for par, and No. 10 I hit it to about a foot hit a 53 degree club to a foot from under the 20 yards, and then 12 I hit it exactly the same yardage and I hit it another foot from the hole. And then I hit a good shot on the par 3, what's it, 13? About a 10 footer. And then 14 I hit an 8 iron about another foot from the hole. And then, yeah, 15 I hit a bad drive, 16 I hit a bad drive, didn't make birdie on 15, and then on 18 I hit it about chipped up for two feet, made that for birdie. So overall obviously my approaches were, you know, my game (Inaudible) I hit it about 15, 20 feet and (Inaudible) from there. Today I just hit iron shots really, really close to the hole.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: You've really been playing well since the latter part of last year and culminated with that win in San Antonio. Just maybe talk about the run you've been on since really last fall.

DAVID FROST: Yes, I've played some very steady golf since Rock Barn last year. I had a bad week the week before rock bond in sass. I finished 17th in SAS and I finished ninth in Rock Barn and from there I finished first, ninth, and then in Hawaii second, ninth, fifth. So I've been working on my game and I've worked with a guy in Germany since 2007 and I've really enjoyed the biomechanical part of the golf game. It's given me a lot more flow to the game. I think what we've been working on since '07 has just come through now, end of last year. Something I was missing and picked up on it and it's made me a lot more comfortable through the golf ball, something that I've always been hesitant with. I fought the flow of my body and my arms through the ball and turning with the ball rather than we were always taught to stay behind the golf ball. And it's just something that clicked on me and I've struck the ball very consistent in the last six months, five months.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Can you give us his name and how you guys met?

DAVID FROST: I met him doing the BMW in Munich in 2007 when I joined the European Tour, and his name is Christian Neumaier, N E U M A I E R, and he's very he understands the composition of the body and then the biomechanics.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Is he at a club?

DAVID FROST: He's at a club there called Beuerberg, which is just south of Munich, very cold in the winter. He comes over to Florida, came with me in January and we hardly worked on anything. I understand the concept and I just, you know, try to keep it as simple as possible.

We'll open it up. Questions?

Q David, you've obviously worked on your game, but do you have an attitude now where it just seems like it's coming so effortlessly, or do you think that's completely due to the work you've put in?

Oh, definitely I feel a lot more relaxed. I don't feel that I need to be aggressive out there. I feel relaxed and I can let the tournament play and take care of the flight of the golf ball. And I'm not trying to be cocky. I feel a lot more relaxed. I don't feel too much pressure in my game, and it allows me a lot more freedom. And so what if I hit one or two bad shots. I feel that things are quite in place and until things really go wrong, then I'll start worrying.

Q But I mean you had the playoff and then the fifth or the ninth and the fifth. So did those just build on each other? I mean, every week do you feel like I've got a chance every week now?

I'm just going by the way I'm striking the golf ball. That's all I can control. And then if someone beats me, if 10 guys beat me, so be it. I can only control what I am doing. I feel I'm doing a good job, just staying within myself and hitting the fairways and trying to hit the greens, not be too smart out there and just keep things as simple as possible.

Q We were talking about how cold it was out there. You were saying it was tough to get loose. Do you feel like you lost anything out there? Did you leave anything out there that you might have done had it been a little warmer?

DAVID FROST: Yeah, I think on 15 I hit a bad drive, 15 and 16, really into the wind and I just didn't feel loose. You tend to want to hit a little harder into the wind on 15. Since it's a par 5, you're trying to get there in two and maybe just got out of rhythm. It was a tough hole, but then you're trying to hit the fairway. You get to 15, now all the sudden, par 5, hit a little harder. So and just because it's so cold, you don't have that rhythm to (Inaudible) a little more. But you never learn out here in any case.

Q I was a little surprised how firm the greens were. Some balls were taking some pretty big bounces even with short irons. Can you talk a little bit about that, about the weather, maybe would have softened them up a little bit?

Yeah, you think because the sun isn't shining they would be softer, but you're trying to calculate that in. Like on number 10, I had 110 I had 104 to the front of the green, 122 to the hole, and I figured I'd try and land this sand wedge at least 10 yards from the hole. So I landed exactly where I wanted to and it stopped a foot from the hole. So I calculated the (Inaudible) to about 10. Then two hours later I had exactly the same shot, exactly the same club, and I hit a one yard difference and I landed a foot from the hole again. So you try and calculate those things in. You know, sometimes into the wind it helps to be able to hit the ball down so you can get the bounce. On a couple of par 3s, the fly was back there so you could hit the low shot and get the bounce you expect to get. Like 8 and maybe 13. So, you know, it's good to we all have caddies. We have to stick to the numbers we got and stick to the numbers and, you know, if it's too close to the front of the green, just play it along. Don't get too greedy on shots like that. So it's, you know, it's all according to the numbers.

Q One of the guys in the media center earlier in the week talked about seaside poa annua. How do you feel the greens rolled to you? You putted well today.

DAVID FROST: You've just got to believe that it's going to go in. You're going to keep seeing those things and, you know, if it doesn't go in it's more likely supposed to miss than go in, but you've got to keep believing that it's going to catch the right bounce. It's just tough on these poa annua greens, and again I was just lucky that I hit it really close today and we truly have to roll on, 12, 15 foot putts. But it is a tricky thing. But hey, it's golf, you know, and as long as we just keep it as a game and not try and make it, you know, a science, then you'll have your good rounds and you'll have your bad ones.

Q Last thing for you. Any plans tonight, maybe open a bottle of Frost wine?

Maybe two actually. Yeah, we have fellowship tonight and about 30, 40 people that normally show up, so that's a Friday evening, and maybe dinner before.

Q What do you have to say about the group you played in today, did it help you?

Well, it was an honor to play with a guy like Tom Watson. Played quite a few rounds of golf with him the last eight or ten years or so, and if you think of the legend that he is and the mark that he leaves behind in golf, I just feel fortunate enough to be in his company in the Champions Tour. It's nice to hit good shots in front of a great player, you know, and I've been fortunate enough to play with all the greats of the game. And always admired his ball striking and I really think that he's the best ball striker that I have ever played with.

Q What do you think of so many good players coming from South Africa? Each year you're hearing about three or four more really, really good players?

I think we have a good basis for playing athletics, playing other sports. I think that plays a big role in how we end up taking on the game of golf. It's a long story and I feel we that's the basis of us producing so many good athletes. I think your kids don't play different sports all the time. They just play one sport and that's it.

Thanks David. Good luck tomorrow.