ACE Group Classic interview: Bob Tway

February 15, 2013

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PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay. Bob, a nice 7-under par 65 to start the ACE Group Classic. You make one birdie on your first nine and then saved them up for the back nine with a nice run of an eagle and four in a row and a 30 on that side. Just talk about your play today.

BOB TWAY: Well, my first nine, the back side, you know, it was raining most of the time, so it's always a little bit more difficult. It wasn't horribly difficult because it didn't rain hard, but it's always a nuisance. The ball wasn't going very far, so it took a while to get kind of acclimated to that, so I just played a pretty steady nine holes.

I hit kind of a poor drive at 10 in the waste bunker and couldn't get to the green and made bogey. Then starting at 3, I just had a nice run. I had a beautiful drive and 3-wood about 15 feet on the par 5 and made it. I made about a 15-footer on the next hole for a birdie after hitting a 7-iron in. Then I hit another 7-iron about a foot away on number 5, the par 3. I made about a 10-footer on 6 for birdie, and then I made an across-the-green 40-footer on 7. Parred 8. 9, I hit a good drive and another 7-iron -- I had a lot of 7 irons -- about 10 feet and made that one.

The whole really front side, the rain had kind of stopped and not much wind, so the guys out there right now, they're going to be making some birdies.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: What did you do at 14, your birdie at 14?

BOB TWAY: 14, what did I do? I hit -- actually, I didn't even hit that good of a drive, I kind of pulled it left into the bunker, but I hit a nice 8-iron out of the bunker about 12 feet and made that one.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Maybe just talk a little bit about your off season? Did you work on your game a lot?

BOB TWAY: You know, I worked extremely hard on my game. I haven't been very pleased with how I've been playing, so I spent a lot of time at it. So this isn't an indication, I mean, hopefully it may be the start of one. I just thought I could play a lot better than I had been, I worked at it and hopefully I will.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Stay in Oklahoma or --

BOB TWAY: No, I went to Arizona. I spend actually a couple months there.

Q. When you're on a roll like that on the front nine, do you just kind of enjoy it as it's happening or do you actually dwell a little bit?

BOB TWAY: No, it seems like it just kind of happens. Like I said, I made the eagle, then I made a nice putt and then all of a sudden you hit one close, then the next hole you get another one close. So it seems like that's kind of the way it happens. The putt on 7, you're not going to make that, just sometimes when it gets going like that, it does. So I think it does relax you a little bit sometimes when you're on a roll like that, maybe that's why you continue to -- I don't really know. If I had the answer, I'd do it more often.

Q. Did you realize it was a 30 then or did you all of a sudden start counting up in your head, oh, geez, that's pretty good?

BOB TWAY: No, I didn't really pay much attention. I knew how many under I was, we always kind of know that, but I wasn't really thinking I need to birdie this hole to shoot 30 or anything. We really don't pay that much attention to that, just try not to mess it up too bad.

Q. Obviously it always feels good to shoot a low score, but with the weather and the wind and all that we have coming in the next few days, does that make it even better?

BOB TWAY: I think today you're going to see some low scores because, like I said, even though it was raining a little bit, it never was really very blustery, it never rained really hard and we had the ball in the hand and the greens were soft and the greens are putting very nicely. So the combination of all that's going to be a lot of birdies. So the guys out there right now, it's beautiful, so they'll make birdies, there'll be a lot of low scores. I guess tomorrow the front's going to come through and the wind's going to howl and it's going to play very difficult for two days in a row, so you won't see these scores, I don't think.

Q. Rocco was talking about, you know, how often he gets asked about the Tiger Woods playoff. How often do you get asked about the chip-in and all that stuff?

BOB TWAY: A lot. I think people, you know, they remember that shot and they remember where they were. So, you know, when they see you playing a pro-am, they bring it up. I was in such-and-such a place or whatever or I was there, whatever. I think that's kind of the shot that people remember me by and other people have other things. But obviously it's a very happy shot for me, for sure. It kind of defined my career to do that. I'm okay about talking about it.

Q. Just to follow up on that, do you ever -- it was Greg Norman who you did that to and he had that happen two or three times. Did that ever kind of go through your mind as far as like that guy just got snakebit again?  

BOB TWAY: I look at it this way. I think he played so well that he put himself in that position a lot of times. Obviously he won some, too. But I guess for myself to do it and Larry Mize to do it the very next major in '87, that was pretty -- it would have been tough to take. But I was happy for me and I was happy for Mizer, but I'm sure he wasn't too happy. But anyway, I think that's just golf. You just do the best you can and sometimes it turns out good and sometimes it doesn't.

Q. Just going back to today, when did you feel like you had adjusted to whatever challenges the weather had out there?

BOB TWAY: I don't know if you ever totally adjust. All I know is that starting out, the ball -- I don't know if it was the rain or whatever, the ball was not going very far. Iron shots, you had to hit more clubs. We usually, you know, adapt to that pretty quickly, but I was amazed that the ball just doesn't seem to be going as far, so I was kind of hitting one more club than normal. Like I said, the whole back side when it was kind of range, like I say, it's just a nuisance. It's a nuisance for your caddie, it's a nuisance for you trying to keep everything dry. It's just no fun to play in rain.

Then we made the turn, it was still spitting a little bit the first three holes, but then it kind of stopped after that and that's kind of when the conditions got better.

Q. Can you shoot to the flag with the conditions being like that knowing that the greens are a little softer?

BOB TWAY: Oh, yeah, even when it's raining, today the greens being as receptive as they are, you can be aggressive if you had the right club in your bag. Sometimes there's a couple holes, the holes were playing pretty long. The 2nd hole, the par 3, it was 216 yards I think it was. I hit a 5-wood on the par 5 on the back side that didn't go 216 yards. So I wasn't going to pull out a wood but I knew 3-iron probably wasn't going to get there, so it's kind of things like that you kind of have to adjust to, but then you have wedges and stuff that you know you can fly right at it.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Anything else? Bob, continued good luck.

BOB TWAY: Thanks, guys.