What they said: Tom Lehman

November 03, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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DAVE SENKO: Well, Tom, another good day, 8-under today to go with 7-under yesterday. You picked up 15 strokes the last couple of days, but maybe just talk about another good day for you.

TOM LEHMAN: Yes, when you put it in those terms, that's kind of bizarre, 15 strokes in two days. Well, you know, I played really well the last two days. Probably as well as I've played in six months, maybe since July. I hit the ball very solidly both days. I gave myself a lot of chances. A lot of chances for birdies. I have made my share obviously. I think the big thing though is the saves. I've made a couple of really amazing key saves over the last couple of days. Today I made one on 16 that was right up there with one of the best in the year, about a 35-foot putt off the fringe for a par. So it was, you know, one of those kind of putts and one of those kind of things that happen when things go your way and it came definitely at the right time.

DAVE SENKO: Birdies, start No. 1

TOM LEHMAN: Yes, I just took a little pitching wedge from about 115 yards to maybe 8 feet on the first. 6th hole, I did the sand wedge to about four feet, maybe five feet. The 8th hole, 2-putted, hit a good drive and 3-iron to the middle of the green and 2-putted from 45 feet. The tenth hole, a really good tee shot, a good sand wedge to about a 12 foot putt and made that. 11, a beautiful 7-iron to about six feet, 7 feet maybe and made that. And 15, the par-5, a good tee shot and a good rescue into the middle of the green and 2-putted from 35 feet. 16 was the save we talked about. 17, 4-iron to about 18 feet and made that. 18th hole, a beautiful drive and a gorgeous looking 6-iron that the wind just kind of switched a hair when it was in the air, and it came up in the bunker, but it was a real easy bunker shot and blasted it out to two and a half feet and made that.

DAVE SENKO: Questions?

Q. On 16 you hit a 3-wood, is that right, did you chunk it a little??

TOM LEHMAN: No, I've been really fighting that tee shot all week, even in the Pro-Am. I've been hitting 3-wood getting it way down there and hitting it in the left rough one day, the right rough another day. And my caddy was suggesting a rescue off the tee, and I thought well, no, I'll just hit a nice easy 3-wood. I might have teed it up a hair too high, but I just popped it up and it landed right in the rocks. It could have gone anywhere. I actually got kind of lucky that I could at least chip it out and hit a 9-iron. It was a great save and just one of those tee shots where I can focus on it tomorrow and pick a spot and hit at it.

Q. When you were watching that ball, you knew you were in the rocks and in trouble?

TOM LEHMAN: No, I didn't. I popped it up and I thought for sure it still would carry. We saw the ball bounce, so I figured, well, if it lands in the rocks, it's not going to bounce like that, it's going to ricochet some where. So we thought it carried it, so when we got up there and it was in the rocks I was very surprised.

Q. That putt, how much did that break? On television it looked like 4 feet?

TOM LEHMAN: It broke 4 or 5 feet at least. It was one of those ones, quite frankly, I was just hoping to get it close. I was going to take my licking and keep on ticking with a bogey. But when I got up there, somewhere near the hole, I thought this thing does have a chance to go in. It was just arcing in from the high side, and the last couple of rolls got it there and that was a nice putt.

Q. I think you're 11 shots ahead of Bernhard meaning tomorrow would take something incredible from him and maybe something not so good from you, can you let yourself daydream about a second Schwab?

TOM LEHMAN: No, I don't think you can.

Q. So it will be the Tom and Freddie show tomorrow, how do you continue to do what you're doing with that circus environment going on with two of the biggest guys on the Tour playing in the last group?

TOM LEHMAN: You know, it's a great pairing, obviously. One thing that I've always liked about Freddie's game, when he kind of gets going he stays going. So tomorrow is going to be more of the same, I'm certain, which you know kind of really sets the mindset going into the round. You got to go out and make birdies and shoot low again. So I really like the pairing. I really like the fact that he is a streaky kind of a player. And hopefully he plays his best, and hopefully I play my best, and we will see what happens.

Q. He said he is thinking about maybe taking a couple of months off and playing four tournaments a year?

TOM LEHMAN: Isn't that what he is doing?

Q. Have you ever seen anybody take that long of a layoff and then come back and play that well?

TOM LEHMAN: He is probably home at the gym two hours a day, and putting two hours a day and chipping two hours a day and playing 18 holes, then breaking for lunch and doing it again in the afternoon. He is just a talented guy. He is just a very talented guy. He has won of those swings. I think the fact that his swing is so fluid and his rhythm is so good that makes it possible for him to do that. Guys who have shorter jerkier swings which depend more upon repetition to make it work, would probably struggle. But with the rhythm like his, and the talent he has, obviously, it's working. It's always worked. He has never not been a great player.

DAVE SENKO: Thank you, Tom

TOM LEHMAN: Thank you.