Fallen Oak

    Course Par Value: 72 • Course Yardage: 7,054
    1 5 543 This par 5 requires a straight drive up the right-hand side since the left is guarded by a creek and bunkers. The second shot needs to be mindful of a lake that juts out into the fairway at about 150 yards from the green. The wedge shot to the green is tricky when the flag is tucked behind the right bunker.
    2 4 455

    This is a long, difficult dogleg left par 4 from the tips, with bunkers in the landing area on the left. Those lucky enough to find the fairway will face a lengthy second shot into a narrow green that features a false front and slopes from front to back.

    3 3 193 This is the first par 3 on the course and reinforces the genius of Tom Fazio's design. At about 200 yards, the tee shot is a carry over water to a green that slopes from right to left. 
    4 4 423 A short, dogleg right par 4, but deceptively difficult with a bunker strategically located on the right-hand side of the landing zone. The fairway is lined with trees while the green is well guarded with bunkers on the right and a large oak to the left.

    5 4 433 This is the longest par 4 on the front nine at more than 430 yards. This "all you want" golf hole is straight away with bunkers on the left in the landing area. A large pond wraps around the green and to the left of the fairway. The green is protected by a bunker in the front center.

    6 5 520 This is a slight dogleg right par 5 that meanders through an old pecan grove. As you near the green, the fairway narrows requiring a precise second shot. The elevated green has more than it's fair share of undulation and can result in an easy three-putt.
    7 4 330 This is the shortest par 4 on the course at about 330 yards from the back tee with water down the right and bunkers down the left. A well placed tee shot should leave the golfer with a bump- and-run into the green, but the short hitter will lay well back leaving a full shot into the green.
    8 3 186 Here is another par 3 entirely over water with bunkers protecting the front of the green. The hole location will dictate the shot, but the distance can vary by close to 35 yards.
    9 4 422 This is a strong par 4 with a bunker directly in the landing area on the right of the fairway which forces the player to keep the ball left. The second shot is to an open green with water to the right.
    10 4 420 This is a straight-away par 4 with bunkers down both sides of the fairway. The hole location will dictate the second shot as the middle and right side of the green are protected by a deep bunker and a ridge that separates the sides of the green.
    11 4 396 This is a short dogleg left par 4 that plays less than 400 yards. This hole requires a perfect tee shot. If you stray too far from the center of the fairway, your approach shot will be difficult due to the trees lining the fairway. The second shot from the fairway is straight forward to a green that slopes from back to front.
    12 4 382 Here is a deceptively difficult and short par 4. Playing less than 400 yards from the back tees, this hole requires precision off the tee for the correct angle to access one of the most undulating greens on the golf course. The green is located down the hill and is guarded by a pot bunker short and right.
    13 5 541 This is a slight dogleg left with an expansive landing area that is lined with bunkers down the entire length of the left side. This par 5 plays up the hill some 40 feet. At about 550 yards long, even long hitters will struggle to find the green on their second shot. A well placed lay-up shot will leave you with a short iron into one of the largest greens on the course.
    14 3 161 This short par 3 plays a modest 160-165 yards down the hill to a well guarded green. The green is surrounded by a bunker on the left-hand side and a devilish pot bunker on the right. The green funnels the ball to the center, with the left side of the green significantly higher than the right.
    15 5 565 This is the longest hole at Fallen Oak, playing at about 565 yards. A large bunker flanks the landing area on the right while two cross bunkers guard the fairway on your second shot. The fairway moves slightly to the left for the last 120 yards while the right side drops into a hollow of zoysia grass. The green is two tiered and slopes from front to back.
    16 4 418 This medium length par 4 moves up the hill and to the right. Two large bunkers on the right side of the fairway require you to hit a tee ball straight or slightly left. Your second shot plays uphill to a gentle rolling green.
    17 3 216

    At about 220 yards, this is the longest par 3 on the golf course. The green is long and narrow and guarded by bunkers on the left and right. Make certain your missed shot on this hole is short.

    18 4 460

    Hole 18 is an amazing finishing hole. This healthy 460-yard-plus par 4 requires a straight tee ball. A large bunker complex guards the left side of this fairway and the namesake Fallen Oak is to the right of the landing area.  The second shot will play slightly downhill to a green that is guarded by water on the left and a small bunker on the right. Once on the green, you hope for a two-putt. This green is divided by a ridge that runs through the middle of the green, making it almost impossible to two-putt from either side of the ridge.