• Birdies for Charity

    Presented by TowneBank

BIRDIES FOR CHARITY presented by townebank

The Dominion Energy Charity Classic is focused on making a positive impact within the Richmond community. Birdies for Charity presented by TowneBank is designed to give area charities an opportunity to generate contributions through flat donations or based on the number of “birdies” made by PGA TOUR Champions players during the Dominion Energy Charity Classic. Participating charities will receive all of the donations collected on their behalf, minus credit card fees. Additionally, donations will be bonused by an additional 10%! (Bonus applied to a maximum of $100,000 raised per charity and or $1,000,000 raised for the entire program.)
You can make a positive impact in the Richmond community by making a donation through the Dominion Energy Charity Classic’s Birdies for Charity program presented by TowneBank. The final day to donate is October 20, 2019.

How to become a participating charity?

Charitable organizations that are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c)(3) are eligible to participate in Birdies for Charity. All interested charities will be required to complete an application form and agree to terms of participation. For questions regarding Birdies for Charity participation and registration, please contact Kali Edsall at KaliEdsall@pgatourhq.com or 804-234-8845.

Program Resources

Fully integrate the Birdies for Charity program into your existing fundraising efforts with the Birdies for Charity toolkit.

What is a birdie?

A “birdie” is a score of one stroke better than “par” for any golf hole on the course. “Par” is the normal expected score of a golf professional on any given hole. For example, on a par-4 hole, a score of 3 is a birdie.

Why participate?

The PGA TOUR will add 10% to all donations, so your selected charity will receive an additional 10% of the total pledged to them.


For questions regarding Birdies for Charity, please contact Kali Edsall at KaliEdsall@pgatourhq.com or 804-234-8845.

This program is operated by PGA TOUR Charities Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.