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    TwinEagles GC (Talon)

    Course Par Value: 72 • Course Yardage: over 7300

    11725 Twineagles Boulevard Naples, Florida 34120

    You can view The TwinEagles website by visiting:


    1 4 427

    Our first hole offers all golfers a generous landing area for the opening tee shot but the Nicklaus Design soon shows its teeth with a very demanding shot into a multi-tiered green with a deep bunker guarding the front of the green.

    2 3 207

     This straight forward par three has bunkers right but don't be fooled into thinking that an easy bail-out left is an option. This is a very demanding par three that will test any player's short game.

    3 5 547

     This great par five demands the player to first put the ball in play, then sort out their lay-up shot choosing the best angle to approach this green. A long player will have the opportunity to go for this green in two shots, but the second must be hit solid.

    4 4 399

     Our fourth hole makes you choose right away what shot you will assume the risk. Bomb it left over the bunkers to leave yourself a wedge into the green or take it down the right side and largely increase your yardage in to this well-guarded elevated green. You may need to play this one a few times before the right decision appears.

    5 3 177

     A great par three demanding a perfectly struck tee shot. A player missing this long narrow green will be faced with a real short game challenge. Missing the green short is not a bad option.

    6 5 576

     This long par five gives the player ample space off the tee with challenges facing the player on the second and third shots. The fairway bunker in the middle, makes the player face another risk/reward decision with their second shot. Lay-up short of the bunker and leave a longer shot into this elevated undulated green or try to bomb one over the bunker and leave a tricky pitch. Once the full shots are over, the player is then faced with a green that demands a proper read and the correct speed.

    7 4 434

     With ample room off the tee, the seventh challenges the player to hit this relatively small green and avoid the deep bunkers short left and right. The "false front" of this green encourages the player to be long versus short but don't miss this green long! Best of luck if you do...

    8 4 463

     The eighth has two greens. While playing to the "short green" is fairly straight forward, when playing to the "long green", a lengthy tee shot is required due to the fact that the approach shot must clear a hazard that guards the green. The bail-out will be left but, of course, Mr. Nicklaus and his son did not allow that shot to be an easy recovery. Weigh your options before you take on this second shot, big numbers are waiting for you!

    9 4 442

     Demanding off the tee, number nine gives you a huge waste area left, with a bunker right and out-of-bounds. The second shot is usually a mid to long iron into a green that is well guarded with deep bunkers left and right.

    10 4 383

     Another quick decision is needed off the tenth tee, the longer player may take on the bunkers right and once they are carried; the player is given an easy wedge shot into the green. Those players that elect to take the ball down the left side will be faced with a mid to short iron that must carry a long fairway / greenside bunker on the left with deep back bunkers lurking.

    11 4 421

     A demanding tee shot faces the player on the eleventh. Left to right off the tee is the call but the longer player that moves the ball from right to left will have to make other arrangements. After avoiding the right fairway bunker the player faces an approach shot into a small green, well-guarded by bunkers. The best part is the occasional back right hole location.

    12 3 195

     This par three allows you a bail out but demands you to carry the water short and left. Always remember, missing the green long will challenge the best of short games.

    13 5 520

     Even though this par five gives you ample space off the tee, you cannot miss the tee shot right or left. The second shot lay-up is fairly straight forward but the approach shot into the green must be an accurate one. Miss this green and face a myriad of difficult up-and-downs. We know the longer player will want to go for this green in two shots, but a great short game will be needed to reward this risk.

    14 4 441

     The tee shot on the fourteenth quickly gets the player focused on the right side of the fairway, but a missed shot right will not allow for an easy recovery. If you can negotiate the bunkers left, you will be faced with an approach shot to a slightly elevated green that is well-guarded by the deep front bunker. Always remember, there is room behind the green with a left hole location but when the flagstick resides on the right, long is not a good option.

    15 4 398

     Pick your target wisely from the tee on the fifteenth. The fairway is fairly generous but very visually intimidating with the bunkers left and water right. Once the player finds the fairway they will be faced with the toughest short iron of the day. This green is long from front to back but not very wide. The greenside bunkers left are a better option than the water right but be careful. If you find the bunkers left, the water is still very much in play.

    16 3 162

     This relatively short par three gives the player a well needed breather from the past immediate approach shots. Unlike the par three's on the front where long and short are okay, this is the second par three on the back nine where Mr. Nicklaus demands the player to hit the ball the correct yardage. With plenty of room right and left, short is not an option.

    17 5 544

     Focus right on this opening shot due to the fairway bunkers left. Secondly, hug the left side of the fairway on your second shot if you dare. This will leave you with a difficult wedge approach that cannot go left and like hole number fifteen, just because you bail-out doesn't take the hazard out of play for the fourth shot. Whether it is a pitch shot or a lag put for the fourth, the undulating green will be a great test and the five footer you face for par could be a great round saving putt.

    18 4 457

     This par four confirms TwinEagles as a championship layout. The eighteenth is a par four that demands a long, well placed tee shot negotiating the five fairway bunkers allowing the player the best approach. The second into eighteen will test everyone's game with water right a bunker long and a run-off on the left side of the green. A player must take on this challenge for any reward but if they choose to protect the lead by laying up left of the green, a double-bogie is still in the equation.