What they said: Michael Allen

August 19, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

Dick's Sporting Goods Open: Transcript archive

MODERATOR: Okay. Michael Allen, final round 66 and you post 13-under par, and Willie makes a long one on the last hole and you guys go to a playoff and he wins. Nevertheless, a very good tournament. Just sort of run through your day real quick and tell us about the day.

MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, the day, I had a great group playing with Mark O'Meara and Kenny Perry, so that's always going to be a nice day. I played nicely from tee to green, I drove the ball really straight and pretty long so I was able to take advantage of the par 5s. Glorious day to play on a course that's just been manicured fantastically. So today I had a bunch of those nice new Adams hybrids. I got a new one and it just seemed to fit into almost every par 5 I had, I hit them great, so for the most part I played pretty well. I didn't take advantage of too many chances early, but at the end I was able to make a few birdies. A little lucky the guys didn't run away a little more so we had a chance. Overall just, you know, a really fun week. I love the week here. I enjoyed playing the golf, just a little depressing not to win. I'm absolutely thrilled for Willie. The guy's been out here hanging on the fringe and trying to get in, and finally winning I think is just fantastic. I'm thoroughly proud and happy for him.

MODERATOR: Take us through the round if you could.

MICHAEL ALLEN: The first couple holes I had some decent birdie putts. Then 3, I hit a driver and a hybrid. I did miss that green and hit it in the bunker just right and I chipped up or hit out of the bunker to about two feet. Then 5, I hit driver and a hybrid right in the middle of the green and didn't hit too good of a first putt but I did make a four-footer for birdie. Bogeyed 7, I hit a little left and not a great bunker shot. 8, I hit driver and hit a 3-wood there to the back fringe, chipped down to about three feet. Then really the shot that kind of helped me the most was 12. I had a driver and it was a perfect hybrid from about 235. I hit it to about 10 feet and made that for eagle and kind of got me going in contention. Then 16, I hit my driver just a little left of the green, pitched up to about four feet and made that. And 18, I hit drive and turned out I hit a little pitching wedge to about three or four feet there and was able to make that. And then succumbed in the playoff.

MODERATOR: Take us through the playoff.

MICHAEL ALLEN: He got really lucky and got to go first. I say that, I'm just kidding around. Hit a beautiful tee shot. I stood up and hit nice cuts there on the practice range and felt pretty good. Actually, really hit a nice solid shot but I hit it dead straight with a slight pull and hit it in the water and I was kind of done then. He hit a beautiful whatever shot, he hit right in the middle of the green where he should have, and two-putted. So I thought -- I was trying to make my bunker shot but you don't make many of those over the years, so he two-putted and it was over.

MODERATOR: Questions?

Q. No one really ran away with it. When you made the eagle on 12 there and you mentioned you felt you were right back in it, did you have a number in mind coming in as to what it might take??

MICHAEL ALLEN: I didn't really have a number. I saw that the leaders were at I think 13 at the time, so Faxon was there. I knew he should be able to make a few birdies coming in with 12 and a couple of the others, but it's hard when you're leading. So I didn't have a number, but I just knew at that point if I can make some birdies, I had a chance. And I had some good putts on 13 and 14 and I wasn't able to get any of them down. I was just happy that I actually had a chance at the end, if I could be Kenny Perry on the last hole.

Q. Can you share what goes through the mind when you're over there hitting balls and you hear the roar??

MICHAEL ALLEN: It was kind of interesting, last time in Mississippi I was on the range and Fred Couples, I just -- you were sitting there having a water or whatever and waiting to get in the playoffs and Fred birdies the 18th hole to beat me by a shot. This time when Faxon missed his, I thought I had a pretty good chance. I knew they both had pretty long putts, so I was kind of feeling like God, I think I've actually got one here. Then to see him make it was not a letdown, I was ready to play, I just didn't hit a good tee shot.

Q. You're 5 back I believe when the day began. In that position, are you watching the leaderboard excessively from the start, or do you just wait until a certain point? When you made the turn, I think you were 4 back. Did you know that at the time?

MICHAEL ALLEN: No, I kind of did. I don't really look at it too much. I might -- my goal was to get at least in double digits after I made the turn, I thought I would have a chance and I wasn't able to. So I did, I was looking at the leaderboard and I saw that no one was running away with it and I knew I would have kind of a chance if I could make some birdies, but I wasn't able to until final the last couple. I was able to make that one eagle, which kind of made up for missing putts on 9, 10, 11. I had some good chances. It was kind of the way the day played out. You kind of go out there and see how many birdies you can make. That's what's nice when you're chasing, you can always be aggressive. It's hard to lead and be aggressive out there. It's a tight golf course.

Q. Can you describe -- can you describe what the nerves are like going into that playoff hole and does it play a part in your swing at all when you're in that playoff situation??

MICHAEL ALLEN: I really didn't feel nervous. With the pin where it was, I didn't want to go and kind of block it into the trees. I didn't want to go and overcut it like we sometimes do. I hit a good tee shot there every day, it's a nice shot for me really, but I guess maybe a little bit and I'm trying not to block it into the right trees, I just kind of hit it straight, a little bit of a pull.

MODERATOR: Anything else? Michael, good tournament.

MICHAEL ALLEN: My pleasure. Thank you, guys.