What they said: Rod Spittle

June 22, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

DAVE SENKO: 4� under 68, a couple back after the first round, maybe just recap on your day. Looks like you got off to a good start, four birdies in your first eight holes.

ROD SPITTLE: That really sums it up. Very solid start, so as we said a couple of days ago, one round down and a couple more to go.

To have a start like that, the wind was just enough out there to make things kind of tricky today. I just had a nice stretch there on the front nine where I birdied No. 4; the par 3 No. 6, I made a good putt, a 40-footer for birdie. Birdied the par 5, the next hole. Chipped in from the fringe on No. 8, and bogeyed 9, of course.

All of a sudden we are standing at 3-under and then just kind of played pretty steady, pretty much the same way on the back nine and got it up-and-down for birdie on 16, the last par five.

So, yeah, very pleased, and again just a pretty solid way to start.

DAVE SENKO: The birdies, do you remember how far your putt was on No. 4?

ROD SPITTLE: You always ask me that, don't you. That's why I went to 6, 7 and 8. I can't even tell what you No. 4 is in there. It was pretty close, how's that. It wasn't too far.

DAVE SENKO: How about No. 7? You said you birdied the par 5?

ROD SPITTLE: Yeah, the par 5, I do remember a couple of holes. The par 5 I was in front of the green in two and chipped it up to six feet and made that for birdie.

8, that was playing 160. Trickled into the fringe, so I was only 20 feet away and just was underneath the hole. So that was, again, just a solid stretch of holes obviously.

9 for bogey. I just hit all my bad shots -- I drove it in the fairway bunker and couldn't get it to the green, and so whacked it on the green and 2-putted from about 20 feet. It was just a good bogey.

Q. What was the wind doing??

ROD SPITTLE: Just windy. Just a little bit more perhaps than the last couple of days, that's all. But again -- and with the pins tucked, just made it tricky to get close.

Q. Your impressions of the course? Everyone is coming in so far just raving about it really.

ROD SPITTLE: That's great. We talked again, a couple of days ago, obviously when you shoot 68, I think the course is great (laughing). I am enjoying the course more and more every day.

Obviously, again, I started on Monday in the Pro-Am, but I was able to play through four or five times. Robert and I are very comfortable. I almost know where most of the holes are. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Again, it's just a very pleasant course to walk, and again, it's in great shape. The greens are pretty tricky and starting to get awfully firm on the back nine. It's a very good test and in my opinion a very fair test.

Q. Something that separates it from what you're used to playing on a regular basis.

ROD SPITTLE: Again, we talked about that a couple of days ago. Every place is a little different. Again, we will -- I think I would like to think that the reason the guys are enjoying this so much is, again, it's a very normal course. It's, I don't know, 6,800 or 6,900 yards, the four par 5s and the greens are nice, and that's all you need; and let the best player win on Sunday.

Q. Russ was saying that he has a feeling that this could end up being an event where a lot of guys are involved come Sunday. Is that the feeling that you have??

ROD SPITTLE: Well, I hope that's not the case. I hope there's one guy about six shots ahead, but other than that -- I would think so.

Again, I really didn't look at the leaderboards very much today but again, looks like kind of a normal first round. Again, most guys are going to probably tell that you by the time we get to Sunday afternoon, you've got to, I would think, be at 10-, 12-, 13-, 14-under. You're looking at half a dozen guys in there. If somebody has not run away with it, it will be bunched together, absolutely.

Q. Inaudible.

ROD SPITTLE: I was talking to David earlier in the week to see if I could find Ed's scorecard from last year to see if it would count; he wouldn't do that for me.

We talked about it earlier in the week. I wish I had an answer for you other than -- and again, I sound like a broken record and I will be for a couple more days. It's just fun to come home here and play.

I think you can tell, Robert and I are very comfortable. Last year on Sunday, that doesn't happen very often, but it makes everybody smile. We'll see if we can do that the next couple of days again. Who knows what can happen.

Q. Inaudible.

ROD SPITTLE: 14 -- that's okay. When we count by ten, that's okay. That's just fine, as we all know.

DAVE SENKO: Thank you, Rod.