What they said: Brad Faxon

April 21, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Liberty Mutual Insurance Legends of Golf transcripts Q. This format, it's such a momentum thing, right? Did you ever feel like you ever quite got that today?

BRAD FAXON: Yesterday was a funny day, we got off to a slow start and then really got it moving, got some momentum. Then today we got off to a quick start and then kind of slowed down. So you know, looks like we're going to be one shot back, maybe two, which I think we probably would have taken starting the week. I think we need to play a little better tomorrow than we did today because we didn't really -- we weren't as sharp. You know, it's making birdies on opposite holes that really makes a big difference here. You don't have to both play great, you just have to make birdies on opposite holes, so that's what we've got to do.

Q. So you finished with three straight pars, you probably feel like you're --

BRAD FAXON: We had a couple holes where we made three -- a couple bunches we made three pars in a row, which you're losing a little bit there. But I think we're doing all right, I think we're doing all right. We'll have a look at it tomorrow.

Q. Yeah, how do you approach tomorrow? Is it tough to leaderboard watch because you know everyone's birdieing all over the place?

BRAD FAXON: Yeah, and it's jammed up in there. Looks like we'll be the third-last group off. Anything can happen. You get one group can go in there and shoot 60 tomorrow, take off on everybody. The last few holes are kind of tough to birdie so I think you want to get going early and keep that momentum going.

Q. Thanks so much.

BRAD FAXON: No problem.