What they said: Fred Couples, Jay Haas

April 21, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Talk about your round today, thoughts about your round.

FRED COUPLES: Well, we had a good round. One more birdie without a bogey would have been a great, great round, but we didn't do that. So we ended up both bogeying the 17th hole and we have a lot of work tomorrow.

But we had a good time and we played very well. I don't know if it was good to bogey the 17th hole or the 1st hole, but it's a little sour right now. Again, we both played well and had a nice time. Tomorrow we've just got to go gangbusters and see what happens.

Q. Jay, you've had some good success on Sundays at this course, so that's to your advantage.

JAY HAAS: Yeah, I think both of us look forward to playing it, for sure. And we didn't kill ourselves today, but we kind of had a little bit of a run there, and if we could have kept it going, maybe birdied maybe one of the last three instead of playing them one over, that's disappointing. But like I say, we've got the night off. When we get out to the first tee tomorrow, I don't think we'll be thinking about that so much.

Q. 12 or 13 under is what you're going to look at for tomorrow probably? Is that what it's going to take?

FRED COUPLES: Well, if the weather stays like this, yeah. I think we'll be a few shots behind, but I heard it's going to be windy. You never know. I know we can keep shooting this score. We're capable of shooting 9 under. 12 or 13's not anything we can't do, but that would be a great round, yeah.