What they said: Michael Allen, David Frost

April 20, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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DAVE SENKO: Okay. Well, Michael and David, good start, 10 under including 7 under on the front and a 62, but maybe, Michael, just some general thoughts on your day and then we'll get some comments from David and then some questions.

MICHAEL ALLEN: All right. I just think overall we just went out and got off to a nice start. It was a nice morning and we both played I think very nicely today. There was a couple times when one of us was out of the hole and the other guy kind of stepped up and made a birdie, but for the most part we did what we were supposed to do. We were both pretty much in every hole and had a lot of opportunities. I think it was kind of what we were trying to do out here, but it was nice to get off to that good start where we were 7 under after eight holes so that kind of got us going.

DAVID FROST: You know, it was nice to come out with Michael this week. I haven't been playing all that well, so starting out with him this morning, my confidence rose just because I had him with me and we both got off to a great start.

I birdied the second, he birdied the third, he birdied the fourth, I birdied the fifth. So it was a great way to start not putting any pressure on ourselves on the back nine.

MICHAEL ALLEN: How about that birdie on 5 of yours? That was a pretty damn good birdie.

DAVID FROST: I think last year we got off to a slower start and put ourselves under pressure on the back nine. This year we got off to a nice start. It's not something you really plan, you just hope it goes that way. Made some putts. There are a lot of good players out here, 10 under, 11 under would have been a score that I think I certainly thought we could shoot starting out, and we could have maybe done two better, I feel. But we didn't use up all our shots today, we have a couple more in the bag for tomorrow.

DAVE SENKO: Birdies, do you know who made the number one with the --

DAVID FROST: He made about a 10 footer on 1 and I made about a two-footer on number 2, and he made about a 10-footer on number 3, then he made a 2-footer on 4.

MICHAEL ALLEN: What about number 5? What did you do on number 5? We're waiting to hear your tee shot.

DAVID FROST: My feet were in the bunker, ball's up here and I kind of hooked a 6-iron to about 20 feet -- MICHAEL ALLEN: That was a pretty damn good shot, this shot was stellar.

DAVID FROST: So I birdied 5 and he didn't birdie 6.

MICHAEL ALLEN: Letdown. God, we were going to birdie them all.

DAVID FROST: He birdied 8 and we didn't birdie 9.

MICHAEL ALLEN: We didn't birdie 10 either.

DAVID FROST: And 11, he had me covered. So he had to go for the eagle and ran it by and I made the birdie.

DAVE SENKO: How far was your eagle putt?

DAVID FROST: About 60 feet.

MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah. Then his 110-yard wedge was inside my putt.

DAVE SENKO: How far was the birdie?

DAVID FROST: Mine was four feet. Then the next one, two, three holes really played tough back up into the wind, 12, 13, 14, and Mike made a birdie on 14 and 15. We were unlucky on 17, he didn't birdie it. Then 18 --

MICHAEL ALLEN: He left me hanging. I had a six-footer for birdie, I missed it.

DAVID FROST: 18 was a tough hole. Not for John Cook, he just made a two there. But overall I think we're quite happy with our position. He was the captain on the field, I'm just the captain off the field.

MICHAEL ALLEN: I'm the leader. Everything's about leadership.

DAVID FROST: It was good fun. If we have a wine tonight, we'll be ready tomorrow.

Q. Hi. Nathan Dominitz from the Savannah Morning News. Michael and David, Michael you were playing so hot coming into the tournament, David said it gave him a lot of confidence even before you teed off. Is there any pressure to that or any expectation to that??

MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, I think whenever you've kind of played well the week before, you want to make sure you're kind of still focused. And I've had a lot of fun in Savannah here so far so it was nice to get back, to get on the course. You know, I haven't quite been able to do everything I wanted to to prepare for the week. I was a little anxious getting started, wanted to make sure I got off to a good start, that helped me a lot.

But also playing with David, I know he's always got my back, he's always there. He's a tough competitor. He says he hasn't played as great this year. I know he's always going to play good and I know he's always there, so it gives you a little confidence to have a partner you can believe in.

Q. You both shared duties of the highlights. Can you talk about number 5 again, talk us all the way through??

MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, do you want me to tell you about it?

Q. You use language I can't use in the newspaper, so can you keep it clean??

MICHAEL ALLEN: Oh, that's right.

DAVID FROST: I just pulled my drive, kind of a dogleg left, and he hit a good shot so I thought I could be a little more aggressive on the tee shot. I overdid it just a little bit and my feet were in the trap and the ball was about two feet above me.

MICHAEL ALLEN: It was up by your stomach, above your belt.

DAVID FROST: So I had 150 yards to the hole, but I had to kind of play -- hit more club to hit it easy at that angle. I didn't want to hit something too hard and get stuck behind it, so I had to make a swing more parallel to my belt line and I just caught it right.

MICHAEL ALLEN: Albert Pujols would have been happy.

DAVID FROST: But yes, it was just a lucky shot and then I made a good putt.

Q. (Inaudible.)

MICHAEL ALLEN: No, that was about 20 feet. It was just nice to see a shot like that come off sideways, and the ball came out with a low draw, running right up to the hole.

DAVID FROST: Also the kind of format you have, I can be a little aggressive on this shot because I don't have to worry about my next shot. It's like that sometimes when you go to putt when the guy's made his par and you've got a 12-footer for birdie, you don't have to worry about the next one so you can be a little more aggressive on the putt.

That's kind of how I feel, almost like match play, where you have to change your strategy a little bit and not worry about the next putt, maybe take a break out of it and free-roll it. No point of being short on this one because the next one, I have a par already.

Q. So you feel like the score you posted today is just keeping pace with everybody that needs to go into double digits that first day??

DAVID FROST: That would be the goal, but as I say, you know, I said earlier, it's a start you wish to get off to, birdieing the first four, five holes, and then just kind of takes the pressure off and you feel you can freewheel to birdie the first three or four holes, we weren't trying to catch up.

MICHAEL ALLEN: One of those things, too, you kind of know what the winning score's going to be around here, 27, 28, around that area, 29, so you know you want to get to double digits. It's the one thing in golf you can't control, your score.

DAVID FROST: You can control your partner, you can't control your score.

MICHAEL ALLEN: That's right. That's a tough duty, too.

Q. I doubt you're looking at leaderboards Friday morning, but at one point you were up four on the 10th hole. When everybody's got to be making birdies in this tournament, how unusual was that??

DAVID FROST: I didn't look at the leaderboard. I knew where we were where we wanted to be, but as you said, there's no point in looking at the score on Friday. We were just happy to get off to that start.

Q. Are you going to be doing the same thing for breakfast and everything tomorrow since you got off to such a hot start today? Are you going to follow the exact same routine?

MICHAEL ALLEN: Well, I sure hope we don't have to get up that early again. This is the Champions Tour, it's supposed to be much more reasonable tee times like, you know, noon, so I'm hoping for a late breakfast.

DAVID FROST: When we get these early tee times, we have to go for a nap.

Q. Which hole did you nap on exactly??

MICHAEL ALLEN: Started on the back nine.

DAVE SENKO: Any more questions?

Q. Michael, what's been working well for you this year to this point? How do you feel like you've been successful to this point?

MICHAEL ALLEN: I think it starts with mostly my preparation at home has been, you know, really good. Ever since the season was over, I got a new fitness program, I've been working out pretty much -- that's kind of what I enjoy doing. So I didn't play very much golf at all in the off season. I probably didn't play for two months, but I knew my body's working pretty well, in pretty good shape, so when my body's working right, my golf swing's pretty close.

More than anything, most facets of my game have been pretty good. I've been driving the ball like I usually do, pretty straight and pretty well, so that's always my kind of strength. And then after that I really just kind of enjoy myself so I'm not putting too much pressure on myself in any place, I think. I go out and try and enjoy the day and compete and have fun doing it.

So I don't know if there's any one thing. I think everything's been pretty strong. I've been putting pretty well, hitting a lot of pretty good irons, especially lately. Been working on -- been doing things with my swing that's really helped me the last month or so. But overall it's just kind of been a nice attitude and just kind of going about it in a nice way, you know. I'm enjoying the time I'm having out here.