What they said: Fred Couples

March 17, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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DAVE SENKO: Fred, 69, 67, 6 right now, you are one back. Maybe just kind of a crazy day with the weather.

FRED COUPLES: Yes, I mean it's a hard golf course. Any golf course is hard when you are playing in rain most of the day and it's windy.

But as far as, you know, the round, I thought it was pretty good. I did have a couple of bogeys on those holes that were into the wind and instead of hitting driver and 7 or 8-irons, I hit a 3-iron into one green, a 4-iron into the other on 5 and 6, and I thought that was challenging. There were some other good holes out there. And you get to holes that are downwind, and if you weren't in the fairway it's hard to stop the ball close to the hole. I don't know what low scores are but 3 or 4-under was a really good score.

For me, I started out, I birdied No. 2. I made about a 10-footer.

And I knocked it on No. 3, and 2-putted. And 4, I hit it, I thought it was a pretty good shot trying to judge the wind and it skipped in the back bumper, and I didn't get it up and down so I missed about a five or six-footer. And then on 6 is where I hit the 3-iron over the green a little bit to the right, chipped it down and missed it Then I went around No. 11, I drove it up short of the green and chipped it to about six feet and made it.

And then I knocked it on 15 in two and 2-putt from 30 feet.

And 18 I actually thought I hit a really good second shot. I didn't even hit it 230 yards with a 3-wood. I didn't misjudge it, I was shocked I couldn't hit it that fair. And then I left myself, even though lift, clean and place, I teed it up and still hammered a pitch shot 8 feet by the hole and missed it. That was probably the only let down. But I didn't birdie 18 yesterday either.

Hopefully I can hang in there and maybe play with the leaders tomorrow. If not I know I will be in the second or third end of the group and go out, and I hear it's going to blow really hard, is that correct?

DAVE SENKO: Yes, 20, 25.

FRED COUPLES: That's good. I felt like I hit the ball better. I have not played much, and I haven't played really, really well. I did get a round in yesterday and I had a late flurry, and today I felt like I hit the ball a little bit better. I certainly don't have it like on cruise control, I go out there and hit where I am looking on every shot. I drove it better today. And then tomorrow, it will come down to, the greens are very tricky and fast. If the wind is blowing that hard you will have a lot of par putts. It's playing really long.

DAVE SENKO: What was your No. 6, you made a bogey, did you miss a putt??

FRED COUPLES: Yes, I actually lipped out a putt. I hit a drive. I hit a little too much club. I ripped a 3 iron and skipped over the green and chipped it to about ten feet and lipped it out.

DAVE SENKO: Questions??

Q. On 6 was that right when they blew the horn or close to it??

FRED COUPLES: They blew it right after we hit on No. 7, yes.

Q. So you were getting pelted pretty good with rain??

FRED COUPLES: To be honest with you, it's a little nicer now. I played what 12 holes. It was still windy, cold. I personally, as wet as we were, barring lightening I would have loved to have continued. We were drenched. Then we dried out. Then it rained on the range when we were warming up and right after that. It's no one's fault, there was no little window and now it's better out there. But sitting around, I got through it okay, but it's hard for me. I would rather just keep going.

Q. Your back locks up??

FRED COUPLES: Yes, I'm tight I will go back and rest and hopefully thaw out a bit. But it's cold for everybody. It's brutal out there.

Q. Did you play in a lot of rain in Seattle when you grew up??

FRED COUPLES: Yes, I played in rain a lot of places.

Q. Did it help you??

FRED COUPLES: No. I don't wear a glove. It's not easy for me to play in the rain. I don't mind playing in a rain suit. But it's a chore. It takes forever to play, drying everything off. We don't play that in the rain that much in California. It was just unlucky today.

Q. You said you haven't played that often, but we've all seen you get to Augusta and everything seems to click??

FRED COUPLES: Well, I like this course, I'm playing here. I am going to I play next week in Mississippi. And then I went to school in Houston. I will play on the regular TOUR The Houston Open. I'm pretty sure. Then I will go to Augusta. Then I got to figure out when I can start getting a little break after that. But that's my goal. My goal is to be prepared for Augusta.

At the moment, I'm far from that. Tomorrow will be good to play under a little bit of pressure, a lot of pressure to try to win, then I get two more weeks to win. But I played so little since the President's Cup that I'm pretty rusty. But my real goal is to be playing well at Augusta. I would certainly like to shoot a 65 and win tomorrow. But, for me, I only have a short window to play well there for a couple of more years. I don't know if I could win, if everything went right. But I have to start driving a lot longer. That's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to draw the ball a little more and start to get more club head speed. On a day like today it's hard to get any club head speed. It is what it is.

Q. The 4-week thing, where the different things you've done for your back, is that something that should go better??

FRED COUPLES: No, it's a little about it of a pipe dream for me to play four weeks in a row. This is a rough day. Tomorrow is going to be a rough day. I've never been to Mississippi. I don't know what the course is like. I hope the weather is going to be decent. If not, you know, this all could backfire. But today, it's a hard today for everybody. And for me, like right now, I mean getting up, my body is going to feel like it's going to break in half. But I'm done for the day, and I will go back and hopefully get ready for tomorrow. But if it's 70 degrees you're much better off.

Q. When you can't play as much as you'd like, how much does that affect you for like Augusta, your goal; you would obviously like to play more??

FRED COUPLES: Yes, I hurt my back at Christmas, so I was laid up for 10 days, 12 days. That's right when I had just started to practice. And then, you know, I went to Waialae. I didn't feel very good. After that I took two weeks off and I did go to Dubai and I played L.A. I played very well the first day at L.A. and horrific the second day and missed the cut there. The only real hindrance is if I feel really, really good, I want to play. At the end of last year, after going to Germany and all of that, I did play a lot of golf and it was kind of fun. And if I don't feel good, then I'm always walking on egg shells. Is it too much? Am I going to screw it up for a Senior Major, whatever? But for Augusta, I need to play Houston. And if I go there and don't do that well, then I leave on Friday night and I go rest for two days.