What they said: Bernhard Langer

March 16, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Talk about your round.

BERNHARD LANGER: Played very solid, no bogeys, the highlight, I holed an 8-iron on No. 6. That was the highlight. Otherwise played pretty solid.

Q. I'm sorry, how far??

BERNHARD LANGER: About 143 or something like that into the breeze. Yes, I had a few others. I actually thought I made birdie on No. 8. I hid a brilliant putt and it was in the middle of the hole, this far from the hole and it was a straight read, and somehow it missed. I have no idea where it hit and where it went. But unbelievable.

Q. What hole was that??

BERNHARD LANGER: 8. I hit it to 12 feet, 15 feet, hit a perfect putt, looked at it right dead center and it lipped out. Anyway, I played solid, smart, and got it up and down on 17. That was a good up and down out of the bunker. Otherwise it was pretty solid golf of most of the day.

DAVE SENKO: 18, birdie

BERNHARD LANGER: Driver, hybrid, pin-high right, pitched it up to two feet, three feet. 15 was a driver. Another hybrid, back edge 2-putt from about 45 feet. I hit it like this on No. 10 (indicating) a gimme. I made about a 7-footer on No. 4. That was it.

Q. How important is it with the weather that could be coming to bolt out today??

BERNHARD LANGER: Well, obviously, you would like to be in the lead just in case we're not going to play a whole lot of golf. But I think we're going to get some golf in. As long as there is no lightning tomorrow we should be able to play unless the course gets flooded. But it's kind of built on a slope so you would think it would run away. Sunday if there is no lightning. Hey, who knows? We should be able to get a few hours of golf in somewhere I would think. You want to be up there. You don't want to be way behind in case we have a 2-round tournament or something like that.

Q. No one likes playing in the rain, does it bother you as much as it bothers some guys??

BERNHARD LANGER: Well, I used to be a bad weather golfer in a sense when other guys were bitching and complaining about cold and wind and hail and snow, and all of that kind of stuff we got at times, I would kind of grind through it and say, well, half the field has already given up so you can make a move. But I certainly don't enjoy playing in the rain, no. When you live in Florida you don't get a lot of rain. I don't go out in the rain ever to play.

Q. What's the hardest part about the rain??

BERNHARD LANGER: Just uncomfortable. You get wet, it rains down your neck. And I wear a visor, so everything gets wet and it drips down your face. The clubs get wets, the grips get wet. You have to hold your umbrella. I don't like playing in a rain jacket, so I play in sweaters, so my sweater gets wet. And constantly holding an umbrella, your arm gets a bit sore after hours of carrying that thing around. All of that kind of stuff. Give him the umbrella, take it back, just trying to stay dry. It's just not easy.

Q. Bernard, with the long layoff, were you just anxious about this tournament? What was your feeling about this tournament?

BERNHARD LANGER: No, I, love this tournament. I've won here before. It's a beautiful spot. Usually we get great weather. This layoff was a little longer than normal, so I think we were all ready and eager to play again. From now on the season gets petty busy. It's a nice old style golf course. It's maybe the shortest golf course we play on our Tour. Right? I'm not a statistic guy.

DAVE SENKO: One of them.

BERNHARD LANGER: It's a golf course where everybody can win. You don't have to be long. It helps to be long for the par-5s. Even a medium hitter can do well here or a short hitter.

DAVE SENKO: Thank you.