What they said: Olin Browne

March 16, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE: Toshiba Classic transcript archive DAVE SENKO: Olin, 65, 6-under. A bogey-free 6-under. Just share some thoughts on your round and then we will get your 6 birdies.

OLIN BROWNE: It's nice to open up this week with a nice opening round. It's such a long layoff between our last event and this one, three weeks. Too much time to tinker with the golf swing. I think it's great that we have this tournament. Wish we had 10 more tournaments I'd play them every week. But it's great to come out here. I really enjoy this golf course. This is one of everybody's favorites. It's old style. It's not a long course. You better control your ball off the tee and then you better be really accurate coming into the greens because you don't want to be on the wrong side of the hole putting across the poa annua to try to get one close. So I really struck the ball nicely today. I opened up with a birdie on 10 which was great way to start the day. Made a couple of really good attempts on the next couple of holes and made a birdie on 13, I think it was. 14. Then 15. Then 18. Let's see, 3, I had a go yardage on 3. I was an awkward shot. I had a funny line, so I left it to lay up. I hit a nice wedge in there about four feet, five feet and made it. And then 3, I hit a really nice 8-iron shot in there about a foot. And that was the last I saw of any birdies today. I really hit some good shots coming down the stretch. I drove it in a couple of divots. I had trouble getting it really close to the hole on the next hole. But on the last four holes I had very makeable putts and conventional pars and into the house.

DAVE SENKO: Starting at 10, do you remember how far the putt was?

OLIN BROWNE: I landed it in the bunker but it came out, and I had a 6-iron into the green. I hit it about 8 feet. I hit one of those putts that looked like it was going to be really fast and it just kind of hung on and ducked into lower lip, so that was a good way to start.

14, I hit just a chip, 7-iron right behind the hole about 8 feet and made it as well.

Then 15, I hit the green in two, 2-putted.

18, I hit it right in front of the green in two and tried to hit a bump and run through the kikuyu, not recommend, came up just short on the fringe but I made the putt any ways from about 14 feet which was a really nice way to finish off that 9.

Q. Do you have any bogey possibilities that you saved out? Were you ever in danger?

OLIN BROWNE: I don't even know if I chipped -- how many greens did I hit today? I had a couple.

DAVE SENKO: 14 of 18.

OLIN BROWNE: I don't think I had a chip shot except on No. 18. I hit a lot of quality iron shots. I hit 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, I 2-putted. Sorry I chipped it on the par-3 on 14, was the only one where I used the wedge. Basically I hit 17 greens and that's comfortable.

Q. Tell us how you ended up with Smiley as your caddy this week??

OLIN BROWNE: Yes, my caddy Buck, I guess he hurt himself Tuesday after we played a practice round. He was at the store and he stepped off a curb awkwardly. I guess he has a titanium hip or ceramic hip and something is not right. He saw a doctor. He had some X-rays. He is not in a lot of discomfort until he put weight on it, then he can't. It won't support him, so he consulted with the guy who did it and that doc wanted to see him, so he unfortunately he had to head home and Smiley was available, and I've known him for a long time, and he did a nice job today. So it was a first foray.

Q. Not bad, layoff, new caddy, pretty good round??

OLIN BROWNE: Yes. It was a nice way to start the week. It's one of those kind of courses that is kind of deceptive. If you play well you can shoot a good score. If you don't play well it will beat you up. Again, if you play well you always got the pedal to the metal. You want to get some more. So I really had some good opportunities that I didn't capitalize on today. On the other hand I made 6 birdies and no bogeys, it's hard to complain about that.

Q. You seen what the weather might be like the next couple of days??

OLIN BROWNE: It's at the front of everyone's thought. We want to get off to a good start. It's going to be harder to rescue shots and play. I don't know how much rain is coming, or if there is wind with it, or what, but everybody knows it's going to be cold and wet. It's not going to be hell of a lot of fun.

DAVE SENKO: Windy, 25, 30.

OLIN BROWNE: It's going to be spinning sideways. It's just going to be nasty. So every shot you can get today is one shot less you need.

Q. You hit it close on 9, how many shots??

OLIN BROWNE: I don't know. We are always complaining about leaving them all out. Hell, I figured I left 12 and made six birdies and must have left 12 out there. I think the longest putt that I made today was probably that putt from the fringe on 18. I had two putts. I made it 8 feet on 10. I had a 2 putt on 15. I had an 8-footer on 14. Made that one on 18 and then my next birdie was on 3, right? I hit it five feet there, and I hit it a foot on the next hole. So they are all inside eight or ten feet, so you would like to make something else.

Q. Was that six to eight feet on No. 9??

OLIN BROWNE: Yes, probably 8 feet, 8 and a half, 9 feet. I hit it right where I was looking but that's the way poa annua works. Sometimes it gets you and sometimes you get it, that's just the way it is. So you just make the best roll you can and take it from there. It's still frustrating, you know, you want to end with birdie. It's a great way to end your day. I'm not displeased with shooting 6-under, believe me. Thank you.