Huston's favorites: Wine, TV and skiing Beaver Creek

Cohen/Getty Images
John Huston, a seven-time PGA TOUR winner, won in just his third Champions Tour start.
September 23, 2011
Phil Stambaugh, Champions Tour staff

John Huston joined the Champions Tour in early June and wasted little time making his mark, triumphing at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open in just his third start. The win in Endicott, N.Y., was his first on TOUR since he claimed the 2003 Southern Farm Bureau Classic on the PGA TOUR, the last of his seven victories on that circuit.


A longtime Florida resident, Huston won five of his seven titles in the Sunshine State, but the biggest win of his career came in Hawaii when he won the 1998 United Airlines Hawaiian Open in record fashion with his sister, Julie Jones, carrying the bag. Huston broke the TOUR's four-round scoring record in relation to par with a 28-under-par 260 total at Waialae and he made 31 birdies over 72 holes with only three bogeys. Champions Tour media official Phil Stambaugh recently sat down with Huston to get his thoughts on a number of different topics.

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Mode of transportation -- 2011 Porsche Panamera

Favorite city -- Atlanta


Guilty pleasure -- Wine

Favorite TV Show -- "Dexter"

Favorite Movie -- "Shawshank Redemption"

Favorite career highlight -- Winning the 1998 United Airlines Hawaiian Open with a 28-under-par total.

Favorite gadget -- iPad

Favorite website --

Favorite holiday -- Christmas


Favorite charity -- I try to raise funds to combat Batten's Disease. Both of my nephews have it. They both have a degenerative gene from their mother and father and eventually they will lose their sight. It's pretty bad.

Favorite Slogan -- "It is what it is"

Favorite Vacation Destination -- Beaver Creek, Colo., near Vail.

Favorite thing to do with my family -- My kids are all out of the house and gone so my wife and I enjoy going to Beaver Creek to ski.


Favorite way to conquer road boredom -- I watch lots of television

Favorite sport other than golf -- Football, both college and pro

Favorite book -- I'm not much of a reader

Anything you collect -- I collect 20s, 50s and 100s and my wife likes to trade them for things we don't need

Least favorite food -- Anything that is fried