What they said: Steve Pate

July 31, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Just some thoughts on your performance for the day overall and the tournament.

STEVE PATE: Overall it was pretty good. I was playing decent but not real well. The stretch of 12 through 17, you can't get away with that if you're not playing real well, and I wasn't playing real well. But the rest of the time I got about as much out of what I had as I could.

Q. You mentioned not playing well. Would you attribute that to the wind today or maybe mental, physical??

STEVE PATE: My back is not feeling very good. You know, we're old. Depends what's working. I wasn't moving particularly well today. I got an awful lot out of the round.

Q. Was the wind a factor at all for you today??

STEVE PATE: Not really. There's not much of it. There's a half a club maybe somewhere along the line.

Q. And talk about your performance, the course. Any final comments??

STEVE PATE: I love coming back here. I've played two PGAs here, just love the golf course, and was just really happy to be back.

I think two double dogs down at Packo's were a big help today.

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