What they said: Damon Green

July 31, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. How was your day??

DAMON GREEN: It was fun for a while. Golly, that's sickening to do that. I got it in pretty good position and just hit one bad shot. Made a great bogey actually, and then on 18 I don't know how that ball ended up where it did, just rolled all the way up against the collar and I didn't have much of a shot. Pretty disappointing.

Q. Talk about the chip-in and then the other chip that hit the pin and didn't go in.

DAMON GREEN: Yeah, one hit the pin and went in and one hit the pin and didn't. No, I had an awful lie over there on, what was it, 13, 12? 13? I was just trying to hit the green in the general direction, and it came out perfect and rolled up there, and I thought I left it short, thought I was too long, and it gets up to the hole, I thought I left it short again, and it went in. I was like, oh, my God, that was a blessing there.

The one on 16 I hit a little hard. I got lucky there. The greens started firming up a little bit, and those chips were running out pretty good. All in all, I guess if you told me I was going to finish around 13th before I started, I'd have taken it. But it sure is disappointing to finish that way.

Q. Is it a consolation that the top 15 are invited back??

DAMON GREEN: If I finish in the top 15, yeah, that would be a good consolation. I don't know how many people are left or whatever. That would be nice, yeah, to play again.

Q. What's your immediate schedule look like after today??

DAMON GREEN: Fly into Cedar Rapids at 8:00, play in Zach's pro-am he has for his charity, jump on a plane, we all fly to Akron, caddie Akron, Atlanta, then I think I have my first full week home since May. Kind of looking forward to that. I'm a little wore out.

Q. You're not caddying for Zach tomorrow??

DAMON GREEN: No, I'm a celebrity tomorrow.

Q. You've been promoted.

DAMON GREEN: That's what I hear.

Q. Do you know what he calls that event??

DAMON GREEN: I'm not sure.

Q. When do you think your next playing opportunity will be??

DAMON GREEN: I think I can go try to Monday qualify for SAS. I think I'm off that week -- oh, I think it's Woodlands. I think I've got two more left I can do, and I think that's it, I'm pretty sure.

Q. Do you plan ongoing to Champions Tour Q-school again??


Q. Can you step back from the last two holes today and look back on the week as a whole? Did you feel you played close to your best?


Q. How would you rate your performance??

DAMON GREEN: Probably a C. I didn't have my best for four days. I had two okay days and two very mediocre days. I guess I have high standards, I don't know. I guess I see a lot of good shots, and I think I should be able to emulate those. But no, it wasn't my best for sure.

Q. People really respond to your chicken walk. Did you kind of get a feeling of that??

DAMON GREEN: Well, golf is so boring, you've got to do something to spice it up a little bit, and I've always done that for years. Dave wrote about it back in 1995. There towards the latter part of my career I was doing them for pars (laughter.) Now it's birdies and eagles. It's pretty fun. I don't know if my playing partners are all right with it or not, but it's fun for me and it's fun for the galleries.

Q. Did you get some responses from fans about it??

DAMON GREEN: The peanut gallery probably heard more than I did, my brother and dad and my wife. I didn't hear that many, but I heard a couple of "go chicken mans" and stuff like that.

Q. There were a lot of people trying to imitate it after you did it, so it went over pretty well.

DAMON GREEN: Great. I learned it from Hawk Harrelson. He called it the hawk walk and they called me the Chicken Man, so I figured I'd call it the chicken walk.

Q. How did you get the Chicken Man thing??

DAMON GREEN: J. C. Goosie, the guy that used to run the Space Coast Tour years ago, after I won a tournament, he said, man, you're walking around here like a chicken with its head cut off strutting around, so he started calling me chicken and then it kind of took from there, and then I used to play some with Hawk Harrelson, and I saw him do this hawk walk, and I thought I needed to turn something like that on because I thought it was hilarious, so that's where I got it from. He says mine is better than his, and I think his is better than mine.

Q. You do it for every birdie??

DAMON GREEN: Yeah, well, unless it's like this or something like that and I don't have enough room to do it.

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