What they said: Steve Schaff

July 29, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Day two of the dream??

STEVE SCHAFF: Day two of the dream. It was really great. I felt a lot better today. Just being out there with John Cook and Peter Jacobsen was a lot of fun. I really wish I could have played better, but you know, when you get in these conditions, it's tough. I kept standing up on shots and missed hitting some. When I was over some putts, I really had a hard time.

But it was great. Didn't score great, but this was an experience of a lifetime for sure.

Q. As you advance maybe ten years, what are you going to remember most about this weekend and this whole experience??

STEVE SCHAFF: The people here at my home, the reception, just the love I felt from all the friends that I've had and people that I've worked for and worked with over the years here. It's really hard to describe. You know, I love to write and I love to talk to my friends, but I really don't have words to describe the experience I've had. It's going to take some time to sink in. But it's amazing.

Q. You told me before that you had witnessed a lot of the great things that happened on this course. What was it like for you to at least create some of your own memories that will stay with you??

STEVE SCHAFF: Well, I don't remember a whole lot being here, a couple of fleeting moments. But I told Dave Patterson, my caddie -- by the way, David was the one who caddied for Craig Stadler when he won the U.S. Amateur, and David and I are kindred brothers and great friends. I told him on the 18th tee yesterday when I smoked one down in front of the green, I said, man, I always wanted to do that.

Today on No. 9, it was the same thing. You just settle in and you hope, boy, I hope this one goes where you want it to go. Smoked that right down the middle and ended up making birdie. But I told Dave the same thing, man, I always wanted to do that. So I got to do a couple of simple things that were more than I could ever dream of.

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