What they said: Jay Haas

July 29, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. How did you play today??

JAY HAAS: The play was good. Played well yesterday. Obviously, the course is very soft, greens are not as fast as I think they'd like them to be. I think all of us are a little thrown off by that. We get a downhill putt, and I don't think people are getting the ball to the hole because we just think it's going to be fast.

So it's almost reverse hindrance there or help. Most of the putts missed have been short, I think, for me anyway. But the course is still pretty difficult. They haven't played it at the full length which is kind of nice, I guess.

But I'm still -- even being soft, the greens slow, not the full length, I'm still surprised that the scores are as good as they are. I don't think this is an easy golf course. I think the greens are difficult to read, difficult to putt, and they're not very big. So I'm pleased with what I've got, and I need to shoot, obviously, lower on the weekend, but have somewhat of a chance.

Q. Is it a function of the moisture or do you think they've just not cut the greens??

JAY HAAS: Probably the moisture. I think during the practice days they were starting to get a little firmer. They just didn't have the speed to them, but I think had they not had the rain, they could have rolled them and gotten some speed out of them, and they may still end up doing that for the weekend.

But you've got the guys that are going to be groups that don't finish tonight, have to finish in the morning, so can they really kind of firm it up in the morning like they would want it.

But they'll go back a little bit probably now. Once they've made the cut and get everybody around, I think the course will get a little bit longer. But it's probably a many combination of both.

I think this time of the year they've had 100° last week, 90's, this grass is just, it doesn't thrive in this kind of weather, so they have to baby it a little bit.

Q. In all The Senior Opens you've played in, do you see a tendency for the first two days of a little more benign set-up??

JAY HAAS: Yeah, I think just to get us around. I think probably most of us would like to see it a little more difficult, but I think maybe it's a mindset we have over 30 years of playing in opens when you missed a fairway, you chipped out, and you couldn't make a par unless you made a long putt or recovered with an 8-iron or something like that.

I think that's just the way I feel coming into an Open. You've got to play perfectly to shoot under par. I guess in the recent past they've allowed us to go for the greens a little bit in the U.S. Open or Senior Open. But I don't know what their thought is.

Obviously, if 5-over was leading right now, we'd go what the hell are they thinking about. Why don't they let us play a little bit here? Don't want to embarrass us and all that. But I think unfortunately the greens got soft for them and the teeth have come out of the course just a little bit.

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