What they said: Olin Browne

July 29, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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DAN HUBBARD: Olin Browne is here with us, 69 today, five birdies, one bogey, one double bogey. You played the course in reverse today, 1 through 18 in the sort of correct order. Did that make it feel any different to you or give you a different sense of how you went through it?

OLIN BROWNE: No, not really. As I said yesterday, we have to play all 18. The start on both sides is similar so you can get into a rhythm early. But it's a wonderful golf course, and I enjoyed shooting under par today.

DAN HUBBARD: Three birdies on the front, Nos. 2, 6 and 8 with a double bogey in between. Could you walk us through those, please.

OLIN BROWNE: Birdie on 2; I hit 3-wood off the tee and hit a 9-iron in there and made a very nice putt from about 18 feet.

6 played a lot longer than it did yesterday, I had to walk a 4-iron in there, and I hit a very nice shot and just got one to die in the top lip.

And then hit the worst shot of the week on the next hole and hit it under a tree, and had no -- I couldn't even -- I just pitched it in the rough. I had nowhere to go, so I ended up making an easy 6 there.

Birdied the next hole, No. 8. I hit a very nice third shot in there about 12 feet just short of the hole and made it.

So it was a solid front nine. I was pleased to make birdie after that double.

DAN HUBBARD: And on the back today you closed very strong. You had the one bogey on 14 and then two birdies to finish it out.

OLIN BROWNE: Yeah, I birdied 17 and 18, should have birdied 16. There was a thumbnail-sized spike mark right in my line, and I just couldn't get around it. But I hit maybe my best iron shot of the day in there, so I was really disappointed.

But hit a good tee shot on the next hole, hit 6-iron from 185 in there about five feet or so and made it.

And then I hit driver off the 18th hole. I thought where that pin was it would benefit me if I got it in playing a little closer to the green. I only had 86 yards or something like that to the hole, and hit a wedge in there about five, six feet and made it.

DAN HUBBARD: Yesterday as I recall you did not hit driver on 18.

OLIN BROWNE: No, I hit 3-wood.

DAN HUBBARD: I heard you say in the flash that you thought the course set up much harder today.

OLIN BROWNE: I thought the course was set up much more difficult. I thought the pins were in the corners of the greens along the edges. For example, No. 10 is on the highest spot on the left side of the green, and to get it close there, a player has to hit the exact shot. If you're short, it's coming back; if you're long, it's staying long; if you're right, it's spinning off to the right; and if you're left, you're not hitting the green. It's only three and a half paces on. As an example, I thought -- and 1 and 2 and 10 and 11 were that way, too.

Even though the holes are a little bit more benevolent, if you will, than some others out here, the flag locations were quite solid and challenging, and I thought overall that they were tucked a little bit more than yesterday.

DAN HUBBARD: Nice finish to get to 69. Thanks very much. Good luck the rest of the championship.

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