Pate's favorites: Ice cream, Christmas and, ahh, Hawaii

Stan Badz/PGA TOUR
Steve Pate is a winner on the PGA TOUR and Nationwide Tour. Will a Champions Tour title be next?
June 27, 2011
Phil Stambaugh, Champions Tour staff

Steve Pate was counting down the days before he finally joined the Champions Tour at the Senior PGA Championship in Louisville last month. He had been playing mostly on the Nationwide Tour for the last five years and was certainly more than ready to finally play again with fellow professionals who were his own age. Pate had some success on the Nationwide Tour, becoming the oldest winner in the history of the circuit when he captured the Pacific Rubiales Bogota Open in Colombia at 48 years, 9 months, 11 days. Pate also had a nice career on the PGA TOUR, winning six times with his last title coming at the 1998 CVS Charity Classic. Pate was a member of both the 1991 and 1999 United States Ryder Cup teams and also finished among the top 10 in all four major championships.

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Mode of Transportation -- 2008 Cadillac CTS


Favorite City -- Santa Barbara, Calif. I grew up there and it's drop-dead gorgeous.

Favorite Book -- Stephen King's "The Stand," or if you want to go a different route, Thomas Sowell's "Basic Economics; A Citizens Guide to the Economy".

Guilty Pleasure -- Ice cream or tequila

Favorite TV Show -- "Law & Order"


Favorite Movie -- "Animal House." It's a true classic.

Career Highlight -- Sunday at the 1999 Ryder Cup. The comeback spoke for itself.

Favorite Gadget -- None. I hate technology.

Favorite website -- None.

Favorite holiday -- Christmas, with Thanksgiving running a close second.

Favorite charity -- I used to be involved with Khepera House, a drug and alcohol rehab center in Ventura County, Calif. I ran a charity tournament for them for 13 years.

Favorite slogan -- Do unto others as they would do unto you.


Favorite vacation destination -- Anywhere tropical is just fine but I really love Hawaii.

Things you like to do with your family -- Take them to Hawaii.

Favorite way to conquer road boredom -- I read quite a bit and watch a little television. I get into The History Channel and The Discovery Channel.

Favorite sport other than golf -- Baseball. My dad played baseball in college and my grandfather pitched in the major leagues for the St. Louis Browns. I just love baseball.

Favorite clothes-- shorts and flip-flops

Food to avoid at all costs -- Liver. Just saying the word makes me nauseous.