Seinfeld, Hawaii and cargo shorts: Jones' favorites

Chris Condon/PGA TOUR
Steve Jones made his Champions Tour debut in April at the Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf.
May 16, 2011
Phil Stambaugh, Champions Tour staff

Despite a career that's been riddled with an assortment of injuries, Steve Jones managed to win eight times on the PGA TOUR with his biggest victory at the 1996 U.S. Open at Oakland Hills. Jones recently made his debut on the Champions Tour at the Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf, partnering with Doug Tewell in the Raphael Division competition. Jones joined the PGA TOUR in 1982 after being a second-team All-American at the University of Colorado.

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Mode of Transportation: 2004 Chevy Silverado truck

Favorite City: Phoenix, Arizona. That's where I live.

Favorite Book: The Ben Hogan biography. It helped me win the U.S. Open

Guilty Pleasure: It's definitely chocolate

Favorite TV show: re-runs of Seinfeld


Favorite movie: "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" with Jimmy Stewart

Career Highlight: Winning the U.S. Open at Oakland Hills in 1996. I felt like I was going to win it the week before. That's why I didn't sign my contract with Cobra just prior. I told them I was going to triple it after I won. They laughed at the time but it came true.

Favorite gadget: My Verizon broadband device for my computer that allows me internet access anywhere.

Favorite website:

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite charity: Crisis Pregnancy Center in Arizona. I've done several tournaments with fellow pros to help raise money for them.


Favorite slogan: My dad always said, "Try for perfection but don't expect it." I think that's a pretty good motto.

Favorite vacation destination: Hawaii

Favorite family activity: I like road trips

Favorite way to conquer boredom on the road: I like to see the sights in new cities and check out the historical areas


Favorite sport other than golf: Football, both college and pro

Favorite article of clothing: Cargo shorts

Favorite collection: I collect stuffed animals. One of my favorites that's mounted is the doll sheep that I shot in Alaska in 2007. That was an incredible experience.

Least Favorite Food: Collard greens

Something I'll never do again: Ride motorcycles in the desert.