What they said: Kenny Perry

April 24, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MODERATOR: Just something about the week and then Scott told me about his putt, but just talk about the playoff there a little bit.

KENNY PERRY: Well, 18's a hard hole for one thing and it was a big left-to-right crosswind and it's hard to fit it between those bunkers for any of us out there. Just a struggle just trying to make pars on that last hole. It's a great finishing hole. I hit a great chip, I just missed the foot-and-a-halfer. It's a 14-inch putt that you don't even think much of, but when it's all on the line, things change and I pushed it and it didn't go in, so typical. But it's the only bogey we made all week. We didn't come close to making a bogey all week and then to do that in a playoff. But you know, it's a tough hole and I thought I made birdie on the 72nd hole to win the thing, hit the prettiest putt I've ever seen, thought it would go in and didn't. Just wasn't meant to be.

MODERATOR: How long did you have in regulation, that birdie putt??

KENNY PERRY: Oh, it was a good 25, 30 feet. It was long, but it was the best putt I've hit under competition from a distance I ever hit. I can't remember. I was proud of that. I just hate giving stuff away. You know, you work too hard all week to let it come down to one little putt. It doesn't mean we were going to win, we still would have had to go to another hole, but you want to go down swinging, you don't want to just hand it to them.

MODERATOR: Right. Anything you take from playing with Scott this week??

KENNY PERRY: Well, Scott and I go back a long ways. We're great partners, great friends, and we always team up great. It don't matter, wherever we play, we've got a great shot at winning. That's why I'm always very comfortable playing with Scott. Sally and Sandy, the wives, are great friends. Katie was out, Sally's daughter with Scott, they're out following around, so that's pretty neat having the family out there. It was a great week. I mean, I knew -- I thought starting out today, I had 28 in my head. I said we've got to get to 28 somehow. When we got to 27 with two to play, I thought, man, we're going to be able to do this thing and we just came up one short.