What they said: Keith Fergus, Wayne Levi

April 23, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MODERATOR: Keith Fergus and Wayne Levi shoot a 12-under 60, the low round of the tournament thus far and it puts them at 20-under 124 for 36 holes and right now in the lead.

Heck of a day right now for both of you. Maybe start with an opening comment about how you partnered together and then we'll go through the highlights of the round.

Wayne, do you want to start us??

WAYNE LEVI: Yeah, certainly will. I've got to make one comment, that Keith and I, we go way back. We go -- I think Keith came out maybe a year or so before I came out on the TOUR and I think it was maybe the first or second year we were out there and Walt Disney used to have a team event there and I was playing with Bob Mann, he was playing with Phil Hancock. I remember it was his team against my team and we came right down to the nitty gritty on the whole weekend at Disney. As a team, I was playing with somebody else, and I said, you know, at some point in my career I'm getting partnered with you and we're going to play a team event someplace, and he said, yeah, we are. Finally this thing came along and that's how we got to be teammates here.

KEITH FERGUS: I'll tell you what it's been a pleasure playing with Wayne. He's been a great champion his whole career; 14 tournament wins, Player of the Year. Like he said, back in '77, '78, when they won, I said, man, I want some of him, because that boy, when he gets it going, he gets it going. He had it going today. He's been a great partner, he's driven it well, he putted well, and that's what we've done. Each of us has kind of had hot streaks and played well at certain times and that's how you win golf tournaments and that's what this format's all about. So i know it's going to be tough tomorrow, I know the guys are gonna be shooting at us and we're gonna have to play well tomorrow and hopefully we can, so we're excited about tomorrow to see what happens.

WAYNE LEVI: Yeah, Keith and I make a great team because I'm fairly short out there but I hit the ball pretty straight. He's got me out there hitting first so I get that ball in play. He gets up there with that driver, and I'm telling you he's putting on an unbelievable -- this year and last year when I played with him, incredible driving exhibition. He'd drive it out there 20, 25 yards farther than anybody else, 50 yards beyond me, and he's got nothing left to these holes. So if I can just be out there for him and keep everything -- you know, keep feeling good out there, we can shoot low out here.

MODERATOR: Do you want to just take us through the highlights of the round, whoever made the birdie or the eagle, just speak up.

KEITH FERGUS: Well, we started out good. Wayne jumped in two days in a row and birdied 1 so got us off to a good start. Yesterday I came in birdied 4 and eagled 5. Today he eagled 11, holed it from the bunker on 9 for birdie, and then he got on a role in the back 9 with a couple great birdies.

So we've all done our share and that's what makes it fun. You feel like, you know what, I've contributed to our team and it just kind of keeps us going. That's what we need to do tomorrow, just keep focusing on what we've been doing, and if it's going to be our turn, it'll be our turn.

WAYNE LEVI: Yeah, if we can keep two balls on the green and two good attempts at birdies, we might not make them all but we're going to make our share because that's what've got to do here. You've got to keep forging ahead.

KEITH FERGUS: Absolutely.

MODERATOR: Wayne, can you just talk about the whole bunker shot at 9 and then your eagle, details on that??

WAYNE LEVI: I hit a good drive, perfect shape and I kind of hit a crummy second shot and it kind of kicked into the bunker, and Keith, he was down there in good shape but he didn't hit a good shot either, it kind of trickled off the side of the green and we're looking at it. I'm going, geez, we can't make a bogey on this thing, just cannot.

I had a good line in that bunker us and I said just stay nice and still here, just pop this thing out. Hit it perfect, it just came out great, it just landed there and it just -- as soon as it's on the green, you can kind of sense where it's going and it just went right in the hole perfect like a putt, so we were fortunate there and we came away with a birdie.

MODERATOR: Then the eagle on 11??

WAYNE LEVI: On 11, I didn't hit a good drive there. I got it in the fairway, just on the edge of the rough it was sitting there nice. I just hit a 3-wood, pretty good shot. It landed rolled down there. You know, I was on there about 25, 30 feet probably.

Keith was in good shape, he's in there about 15 feet. So my son Brian there, he reads it and he says just -- and Tom had just putting before that on a line kind of back beyond me. He said, I don't think his broke -- he said, It's not going to break as much as his. He just said, Hit it -- get in the hole. And I just hit it, got down there and it just got in the left side for eagle.

KEITH FERGUS: I picked mine up and we ran to the next tee.

WAYNE LEVI: I told Keith, Pick that up, let's go.

Q. How long??

WAYNE LEVI: I would say 30 feet probably.

MODERATOR: Were there any long birdie puts, any other real out-of-the-ordinary long putts??

KEITH FERGUS: 17, Wayne made a good one on 17. He made probably a go 30-footer there for birdie, which is a great hole today. Wind's going across left to right. Kind of one of those holes, if you make birdie, you feel like you kind of stole something. Just make sure you make par and I already had par in there and Wayne just stepped up there and canned it, so that was a nice -- going over to the 18th tee, that was a nice --

WAYNE LEVI: That's the type of thing you've got to do there, you know, on this team thing. On that hole, Keith, even though he's way back there and I've got a relatively short birdie putt, the procedure here is to get that thing up there, tap it in so I got a free run at this birdie putt, you know.

KEITH FERGUS: That makes a big difference.

WAYNE LEVI: Big difference. You know, if the other guy's five or six feet away, I've got to be careful on this putt, but when he's in with 3, I can just get it there, make sure I get it there.

MODERATOR: We'll just go to questions. Nathan??

Q. Hi, guys. Welcome to the media center.

KEITH FERGUS: Thank you, nice to be here.

Q. Can you recount the exact year that you competed against each other in Disney and what the exact name of the tournament was??

KEITH FERGUS: It was the Walt Disney World Team Championship, I think it was '78. My first year was 77, it could have been '77.

WAYNE LEVI: I think it was '78 because Bob Mann and I won it that year.

KEITH FERGUS: Phil and I were leading going into the weekend. Wayne played unbelievable. I mean, he played outstanding. I think he could have beat us by himself. He ended up winning, I think we ended up second or third, I can't remember which. I said I want him on my team.

WAYNE LEVI: It took, what, about 30-something under par.

KEITH FERGUS: It was low.

WAYNE LEVI: We birdied almost half the holes in this event, 72-hole event.

KEITH FERGUS: That was years ago.


Q. Okay. You and Phil Hancock??

KEITH FERGUS: Phil Hancock, right. We were 22, 23 years old.

Q. For all your success on the PGA TOUR and Champions Tour, it has been a while since you've been in the media center going into the last round, I guess.

How does it feel to go into tomorrow's round being either at the top or near the top of the leaderboard??

KEITH FERGUS: I think my last one was two years ago. I won twice, what year was that, '09, and two years ago, I don't know when your --

WAYNE LEVI: I think mine was maybe '05, I think it was the 3M tournament up there.

KEITH FERGUS: So we feel good about the way we're playing. We'll go about business tomorrow and if it's our turn, putts are gonna in and we hit the shots, then hopefully we'll be in here tomorrow. But today's just -- we've still got one more round, so yeah, it's nice to be here but it's not over by any stretch of the imagination.

Q. Can you talk about when you signed each other up in the team competition, is that kind of the textbook, to find a guy that drives it long and a guy that drives it straight kind of thing??

KEITH FERGUS: I think most of it's just friendship, to be honest with you. I'm looking at Wayne as a friend number one. Number two, he's a great player, he's won lots of tournaments. But yeah, it was fun to go back and we talked about it back 30 years ago, but the main thing is it's a friendship. We're good friends and our wives are good friends, our kids grew up together and that just makes it more fun. I'm not looking for somebody that, oh, he drives it straight, I love that; he putts good, I love that. I like all those things, but the main thing is he's a good friend.

WAYNE LEVI: And Keith, like he was saying, his son and my daughters, they all kind of grew up, traveled the TOUR together so we're all good friends. Yeah, we hung out together. And you've got to play with somebody that you really like to play with in this thing because that makes it more fun.

Q. I have a semi-course question. It looks like with the wind and the dry conditions, guys are getting -- people are almost driving number 1 today. Has that been a factor in this birdie fest??

KEITH FERGUS: Yeah, I think definitely when I got here I could tell the course was a little faster, the par 5s are easier to get to, you're hitting shorter irons. Although you can drive 1, 1's one of those holes, you step up there and you really don't know where to hit it. You really don't. A guy asked me the other day, how do you play it? You know what? I really don't know.

So you just kind of get it in the fairway and do something, because you can hit driver and put it in one of those bunkers and really not have a very good shot, so but with the greens, I mean the fairways running, it has made it -- you're going to see probably more birdies because the course is playing a little shorter.

MODERATOR: Have we got anything else? Good luck to you both tomorrow.