What they said: Kenny Perry, Scott Hoch

April 22, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MODERATOR: Okay. Kenny and Scott, 32-31 and 63, 9-under right now, you're in the lead. A couple general thoughts from each of you about the round, and then we'll just go through the highlights of the round. Obviously, Scott, I think your eagle at 10 was probably the highlight.

Kenny, do you want to start us?

KENNY PERRY: It was just a nice day. We should have been 5-under through 5 and got off to a nice start. I mean, that's always good to get off -- kind of get the nerves and jitters and whatever, just get off and get going and get running, calm down a little bit.

Scott made a big shot on 10 though. The big shot on 10 got us back to 6-under through 10 and we were able to make a couple more coming in. All in all it was a nice day. I mean, we were never in any trouble. We were always -- somebody was on the green putting for a birdie, and I think in this format that's a pretty good way to do it. If you can always have both guys in the hole and not put so much pressure on your partner, it makes for a very relaxing, enjoyable day and be able to make some birdies. So I think that's kind of the way -- our partnership goes way back and it doesn't change. Our format, we seem to play the same way every time and hopefully we can figure out a way to keep it going.

SCOTT HOCH: Yeah, it was fun. Kenny played real well today, he hits it long so it's nice on those par 5s where I can take a rest. Yeah, it was just -- of this team I'm the only one that's played here before and I thought they had some good Sunday pins out there today, the way the wind was blowing, especially on the back side. Well, the wind really came up on the back side, it wasn't that much on the front, but it came up on the back and it just was tougher to get the ball close and we weren't able to make any of those, you know, 15-, 20-foot putts. We had a lot of good putts but we just didn't read them right. But 9-under, we're in good shape. It's a good start. Even though we cooled off a little bit the last six holes or so, it was still fun, still fun.

The conditions aren't that easy so I don't expect them to go too low, but I just saw that somebody tied. We might be one down but I don't expect to be two down. Really, that's all we could do today. 9-under was a good score to post for the first round.

MODERATOR: Scott, do you want to tell us about the eagle at 10?

SCOTT HOCH: Yeah, kind of funny. Kenny hit a great shot there. He laid up off the tee, that's the only way I out drove him. I couldn't tell how close it was, but I know it was close. It ended up being about an inch or two. I told my caddie, I said, Well, I'm going to -- I'm going to get it inside of him on this one. But before that I told him that if I don't birdie this hole, then I'm going to double his salary. I said, Wait a minute, I didn't say that out loud, did I? Technically I lost because I eagled. I squeezed the hole beside his ball and didn't touch it and made eagle on the hole. That was pretty funny.

Then we birdied the next hole and we just didn't do as well as we could have coming in. I didn't play well. I didn't get the ball in positions on the fairway where I could hit good iron shots. I started missing some fairways and so we didn't -- I wasn't able to get two good putts at birdie, although he was in there putting for birdie most every hole. I didn't have very good putts.

MODERATOR: Details on the eagle? What club?

SCOTT HOCH: I hit a sand wedge and I was 86 or 87. Was it downwind? No, it was right-to-left wind. Just hit, looked good all the way and rolled it -- it rolled in, it didn't melt in, it just rolled in.

MODERATOR: Of the other birdies, were there any long putts by either of you, significant?

KENNY PERRY: First hole maybe.

SCOTT HOCH: Oh, yeah.

KENNY PERRY: I hit a putt from 20 feet, if it didn't -- it moved the cup three feet probably. After it hit the cup, it jumped straight up in the air and fell in. He was in there close and I said I'm not leaving it short, but other than that, you know, we really didn't make any bombs.

SCOTT HOCH: We didn't make that much.

KENNY PERRY: We made good putts.

SCOTT HOCH: 15-, 20-footer, most of them were in close. He had what, 8-foot eagle, 10-foot eagle?

KENNY PERRY: On the 4th hole.

SCOTT HOCH: But we didn't read it right.

KENNY PERRY: They're putts you think you should make, we made them.

SCOTT HOCH: We had the momentum going.

KENNY PERRY: That was nice, get off to a good start, kind of get in the rhythm and the flow of the day, keep plodding along. This is a sprint.

I was looking at the scores last year, they were so low it's mindboggling to me how low it gets out here. Even in the regular Champions events, I can't get over how low those scores are. So I'm still learning. I'm still figuring out how to be aggressive on every hole and hopefully tomorrow and Sunday, his thumb, hopefully it will act right and it won't hurt him too bad and we can get after it.

SCOTT HOCH: The moniker out here, these guys can look good or these guys can play, whatever it is, we find that out.

MODERATOR: We'll just open for questions. Just wait for the microphone if you can. Nathan?

Q. You guys covered a lot of ground, really appreciate it. Good questions, Phil.

Scott, can you recount the details again about the eagle? You said Kenny was within inches?

SCOTT HOCH: It was on the edge of the hole, it was that close. He was on the right side.

KENNY PERRY: If it would have rolled one more turn to the left, it would have gone in, but he came in from the left side. He could have actually kicked it off my ball.

SCOTT HOCH: I asked him, I said, Do you want to go up and mark it? I was just teasing him. I just figured, well, we got our birdie, so just go ahead and hit it.

Q. Kenny, if your shot had gone in, it would have been an eagle??

KENNY PERRY: No, if he had kicked mine in, I would have had to place it back where it was.

Q. No, if it had gone in the first time.

(Simultaneous speaking.)

KENNY PERRY: The right ball went in, anyway.

Q. It's like you guys were playing darts and your dart went --

SCOTT HOCH: No, his was right of the hole and mine just went --

KENNY PERRY: He came --

SCOTT HOCH: My ball was just hanging on the right edge of the hole so he had the hole cup --

KENNY PERRY: -- actually cleared so he could go in.

SCOTT HOCH: We weren't playing stymies. Otherwise, we would have been -- if it had been short, then I wouldn't have been able to make it.

Q. Sounds like when you guys analyzed how to play the first round, it pretty much went as you planned it, right??

SCOTT HOCH: I don't know how. I just go out and play and hopefully play well. I just go out there and try to play.

KENNY PERRY: You know, we got the holes you're supposed to get and it would have been nice to have some bonuses. We didn't have any bonuses out there. Like the tough holes, 17, 18, were playing hard, we didn't birdie. That hole -- like 12 was playing tough into the wind. If we could have got one of the hard holes it would have really been a special day, but we didn't. But we got all the holes we were supposed to.

SCOTT HOCH: Except for 14. You like to birdie all the par 5s and we didn't.

KENNY PERRY: We didn't birdie 7 either, the par 5.

SCOTT HOCH: Oh, yeah, we left it out there. We didn't leave ourselves real close putts on that one. We can do better as far as leaving it closer, but those are par 5s that you can't hit in two, you have to hit a good third shot, especially where the pin was on 14 or whatever hole that was because it's tough to get the ball close in that hole just with the ridge in front.

MODERATOR: Next question?

Q. John Cook was out there, last I heard, 7-under, playing by himself. Sindelar's back is acting up. I just wanted to get your thoughts on how weird in a team format to all of a sudden be by yourself and actually playing well, a couple shots off the lead??

SCOTT HOCH: I think you need to ask Cook how it feels. I mean, I felt so good that I hit a few more balls on pro-am day, the day before the pro-am day, and yesterday I did a little tweak on the range with it. But it got a little weak on me at the end. Hopefully we won't find out -- you know what, he won last week and he's playing well. And in this format, I played many times with him where he got hot and all I'm doing is keeping the score. That can happen, but it does put a lot more pressure on you and I'm hoping that his back's better tomorrow where he can do that because you don't want to come to a format like this. That's the fun of it. He's missing the fun of the whole format, playing with a friend and hopefully doing well.

MODERATOR: Okay. We'll let you go. Thank you.

SCOTT HOCH: Maybe Sindelar's not used to playing in warm weather and it's messing up his back, both those guys coming from Ohio State.