What they said: Ted Schulz, Gary Hallberg

April 22, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MODERATOR: Ted Schulz and Gary Hallberg, 32 and you come in at 30, 62. You're tied with the first round lead with Gil Morgan and Tom Kite.

Maybe a few comments about the round. Gary, do you want to start us and tell us where the highlights were?

GARY HALLBERG: Well, we started kind of slow. I was out of the hole early on and Ted was hitting some great shots and we were even after 3, which was a very slow start in a format like this, as you can imagine. You look up on the board and there's 5-, 6-unders. So we hung in there and we started birdieing. Ted was steady down the middle. He hit first, on the green, and I was a little off early, found my rhythm and we just started making birdies. I made some really good putts, I putted really well today. Between us I think we made 10 birdies, I think we both made a bunch of birdies. I think I made about nine and Ted probably made almost as many, but we doubled up on a lot of holes as well. Ted knocked it a foot and I knocked it a foot, so we had one of those days that it flowed real nice and we teamed real good together, you know? We had to to shoot a score like that.


TED SCHULZ: I agree with what he said. It is true, he put it good, we weren't making a lot of birdies early and we were just trying to be patient and then we started making a few and first thing you know, Gary rolled in a couple 20-footers on 9 and 10 and we got to, I think what, 5-under? And then I birdied 11 and we're 6-under, and then we get on 12 and we had a little trouble on 12 but we made par. The next hole, Gary makes a long putt again, which was great, and it's funny because I kept telling him, You can make this putt.

GARY HALLBERG: You can make it. I'm thinking if I can just get it down there so it has a chance.

TED SCHULZ: He made two bombers, I mean bombers, and the rest of them were all good putts, the 20-footers, 10-footers. Then we stiffed it a few holes. He hit one of the best 8-irons on the par 3, I guess it's the 15th hole, is it a par 3? Yeah, that little pin sticking up on that knob, hit it up there two-and-a-half, three feet. I was over a 20-footer and missed it. He hit a great iron shot and that was big.

The next hole we didn't do very well. You're out there and you know you need to make birdies and you make pars, you get a little disappointed and you never know if you're gonna get a roll or not. We parred the last three holes.

GARY HALLBERG: No, you birdied 17. You made that putt on 17 from across the green.

TED SCHULZ: It was a good finish. The last hole we didn't play great. Gary had a putt at it but he was still 35 feet, and I mis-clubbed, I was overthinking because it's fast.

GARY HALLBERG: It's hard to -- he played his game, I played my game. I don't know what the other guys do. Do they help read each other's putts? You know more than we do. I jumped in a few times and helped him read his, he looked at mine, but we pretty much just play our own game. Isn't that kind of how you do it?

TED SCHULZ: You helped me, the first four holes I had birdie putts and missed every one of them, missed it from 10 feet on the 1st hole. It was just, I don't know, I was having trouble reading them and I wasn't making them. I was getting frustrated and Gary started helping me read a few and then we started making a few and he made a few, and then first thing you know you're 10-under.

GARY HALLBERG: I think one other thing, too, I haven't been driving it real well and my driver's like two years old and I think the face wasn't right. I think some things were happening and I wasn't happy with my driver. Ted wasn't happy with his driver two days ago.

So we grabbed these Adams drivers, went out to another course and they dialed them in for us and we started driving it great. We're like, if we drive it like this, we're gonna be down there on every hole, and sure enough. I think we drove it really good with our new drivers. It could have gone either way with new drivers, but we were both pretty pumped up about it because I added about 10 yards with my new one and I think you did, too.


GARY HALLBERG: They're little things, but you know how it is. All of a sudden, 10 yards, that's like 10 years, like youth out there, look like Moriarty out there, for crying out loud.

MODERATOR: You both had nice wins last year that got you in here. Have you been good friends for a long time, and what's your thoughts on the Legends event?

GARY HALLBERG: Well, can I tell a quick story? Kind of a funny story. I was going to play with Scott Hoch and I called Scott, Scott, do you want to play in the Legends? He goes, Yeah, I'd love to play, but I haven't played. I'm kind of injured, but I should be ready by then.

So I go out to Phoenix and I see Ted on the range out there. We were talking. He says, Hey, who do you play with in the Legends? I said, Well, Scott, but he's hurt, I don't know. Last minute, I don't know what's going to happen. He says, Well, Kenny's the same way, I don't know if he's going to play.

TED SCHULZ: I was supposed to play with Kenny.

GARY HALLBERG: He was going to play with Kenny, I was going to play with Scott, so that was the deal. We're on the range. You know what, we both won last year, those guys, they've done it all, let's pair -- let's do this together.

I'm like, Well, I'm scared to call Scott and tell him I don't want to go. You've got to do it, man, you've got to do it. So I procrastinated for about three days and I finally made the call. Hello, Scott? It's Gary. Ted and I were talking...

He was great, though. He says, Yeah, I don't know if I can go. Anyway, now they're playing together.

TED SCHULZ: Yeah, that's what's funny about it, they're pairing up.

GARY HALLBERG: We've got to beat those guys now.

TED SCHULZ: Kenny tells me -- I asked him way back and I said, Let's play the team tournament. He says, Okay, I'll play with you. I've been friends with him for a long time and I knew that was about a, you know, 50/50 chance he'd play with me because he's playing on the regular TOUR. He's still exempt for four more years. Hilton Head was opposite.

So I called him about two or three weeks later and said, Okay, if you don't want to play, let me know, it's getting closer, I want to partner, I want to play with you. He says, No, no, I'm want to play, I'm going to play. I said okay.

Couple more weeks go by and I called him again and I said this, Is your last chance to bail out on me. He said, No, I'll play, I'm in. I said, Good. Next day I get a text, I can't play, I'm going to go play Hilton Head.

So then that was right before I met -- we went out and ran into you and it worked out great, so we need to beat those two, for sure.

GARY HALLBERG: They're 9-under, right?

TED SCHULZ: We're only beating them by one. We almost got paired with them.

Q. 30 on the back??

MODERATOR: 30 on the back 9, yeah. We'll just open it up for questions here.

Q. Welcome to the media center, glad you were able to find it. With all this swapping going on, is the movie going to be on Cinemax or --

GARY HALLBERG: It'd be real fun if we get in a playoff with those two characters.

Q. I assume by the tone that everybody, all four are good friends, especially the Kentucky --

TED SCHULZ: Well, those two are very good friends, Kenny and I are very good friends. Scott and I don't know each other that well, him and Kenny don't know each other that well. We know each other from the TOUR, but they're Wake Forest buddies and Kenny and I are Kentucky guys, so that's where you kind of team up.

GARY HALLBERG: Scott and I won it together, I don't know, we won the Chrysler team. All these teams meld together.

Q. Did Kenny say why he didn't play at the Heritage??

TED SCHULZ: Well, Kenny's game kind of has been not great and he decided to come out here for a few weeks and work on his game. So he called me and he said, Hey, how about let's play as the team? I said, Well, I've got Gary.

Q. Couple more things. Both you two and Tom Kite and Gil Morgan talked about they had slow starts and then just took off. Was there something that flipped the switch out there??

TED SCHULZ: Not really. Thank the Lord we had a par 5 on the 4th hole so we got one there. Then I hit it close on the next hole, a little par 4. Then Gary stiffs it on the next hole and first thing we know we make three in a row, and two of the holes are pretty hard to birdie. What's that, 5 and 6, tough pins, and one I stiffed and the next hole he stiffed and made our little 3-footers. And the next hole is a par 5 again, is that right?


TED SCHULZ: And we made par. Then Gary starts rolling the 20-footers in and I had a couple more close ones and it just kind of -- we didn't really double up much, a little bit, three or four holes.

Q. You mentioned that he had a couple bombers. Can you go into detail exactly what distance we're talking about??

GARY HALLBERG: Well, number 12, par 5 -- 13? What is it?


GARY HALLBERG: Hit my drive left, a spectator picked it up. Hit it down the left, spectator, so I had to go place it back where he picked it up, that's the rule. Hit it down there and I had a 9-iron and knocked it on short and I was above the slope. It was about a 4-foot drop, about a 40-footer, and made the putt, which was, you know, incredible. He was about 10 feet anyway, he probably would have made that, let's hope. Then on 17, Ted's, Go ahead and make another one.

TED SCHULZ: He was back left corner of the green made it from over there on 17.

GARY HALLBERG: 80 feet, yeah, it was a long one. So that was, you know, you don't make those very often. You know, in this format you can just go and freely swing and freely putt, and special things happen on these kinds of formats that don't happen every day, very often when you're playing to guys like me. I mean, the top guys, they can play like that every day as if they've got par as their partner, you know. But we're a little bit kind of guidey, you know, but when you play in a format like this, I think the guidiness goes away so we can be free to swing it like the big boys, you know, so to speak.

Q. That's a good transition to John Cook. You heard what happened with him??


Q. Phil??

MODERATOR: Joey got hurt early on and couldn't play after the 4th hole, so John had to go solo for the remainder of the round. He was actually 7-under for the day on his own ball and 6-under, he finished minus 7.

TED SCHULZ: No kidding? By himself.

GARY HALLBERG: Is he going to play tomorrow?

MODERATOR: He's going to try.

GARY HALLBERG: Wow, because they were our favorite team. I mean, think about that.

Q. You've got (inaudible.)

GARY HALLBERG: Yeah, I feel pretty good so far. Do you feel all right?

TED SCHULZ: Yep, yep. I love my partner.

MODERATOR: Okay. Have we got anything else? Well, congratulations. Go get 'em tomorrow.