What they said: Jeff Sluman

April 03, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Just talk about your round over all today.

JEFF SLUMAN: Well, you know, I don't know if I was going to catch Tom, but we kind of -- David and I just really didn't put any heat on him, you know. Not that it's ever a cake walk. The golf course, as I said yesterday really had a lot of kink in it today with the wind. And I just played solid golf until my tee shot on 18. But for 17 holes I didn't really make any significant putts until -- made about a six-footer on 15 and I don't know how it went in on 17 for birdie, 25 -- 35 feet up the hill. But you know, needed something like that earlier in the round to get a little momentum and get Tom thinking. And we didn't do it. He did it, and he was definitely the best guy this week.

Q. Can you talk about watching him play and just kind of what he --

JEFF SLUMAN: I don't really watch him.

Q. Just kind of being with him and the experience of what he did. JEFF SLUMAN: Well, I mean he played great golf. So did Frosty and myself. Probably all -- any three of us could have won the tournament. Probably boils down to Tom making a few extra putts here and there. But as far as hitting the ball tee to green, there was probably zero difference between the three of us. But somebody does have to win.

Q. David said the tough part was not just the wind, but it was coming from a different direction. How did that cause the course to play different?

JEFF SLUMAN: Well, you don't have any experience with it. You know, this is our second year here, and last year the wind came out of that direction a little bit, but the weather was so much different and softer. Now it's firm, so the edges around greens and that were really -- it was really demanding out there. It was a fun, very fair test of golf, which is really what we kind of treasurer, you know, at this stage. You don't want to have this every day of your life. You'd be in the funny farm, but occasionally, especially on a Sunday, it's really a terrific challenge, and it was today.

Q. The tee shot on 18, your ball striking for the whole tournament's about as good as it's going to get, you know?

JEFF SLUMAN: Yeah. I mean I just hit one crappy tee shot and I was rather shocked that the ball ended up going in the water. It hit on the top of the edge of the fairway on the knob and just went straight left.

Q. Did you block that tee shot?

JEFF SLUMAN: Yeah. I just blocked it. I hadn't hit that shot all week. But you know, I'm not that upset, and I don't think you guys are going to have a tag day for me. I think I walked out of here with 128,000. So made almost as much as you guys did this week.

Q. Almost.

JEFF SLUMAN: Not quite.