What they said: Mark Wiebe

March 13, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Toshiba Classic transcript archive DAVE SENKO: Mark, thanks for joining us. You fell one short. A bogey-free round today. Maybe just your thoughts on your day and then we will get some questions

MARK WIEBE: Okay. Well, the weather was good again. A fun day. We had a great group. Joe (Ozaki) and Nick (Price) are great. The course was again in great shape. I think the weather is conducive to the low scoring. I played good. Not great, but I played good. I got off to a slow start.

So I kind of had to weather the storm a little bit. I just didn't hit it very close on the first couple of holes. But I played nice. I'm happy with the way I hit some good shots. I hit a couple of bad ones. But I hit some good shots. Overall, I'm happy with my play.

DAVE SENKO: Was there any hole or two that you felt you let get away, that you had a really good opportunities on??

MARK WIEBE: Well, yes, I do. But Nick let them get away too. He had it close at 10. I made a great par at 10. It wasn't that bad of a tee shot. But I had no shot in the fairway bunker and tried to get it out. I got it out, but it wasn't near the green. I got it up and down from 102 yards and made a nice par there, while Nick made birdie. I was still in the running.

The 11th hole, Nick and I were on the same line. He was a little further than me. He had a fantastic putt that didn't go in. It went right over the edge, right on my line. I hit my putt. It rolled right over the edge, just like Nick's did.

As I let one go there, so did he. I guess maybe a small turning point was he bogeyed 12, and I had about a 20 footer there, and I left it short right in the middle of the cup about maybe eight inches short of the cup. That could have been big. With him making bogey, and I make a birdie, it's a two shot swing, and I am one back at that time.

I birdied the par 3, 13. So did Nick. I had a very legit 10 footer, 8 footer on 14. I was a little disappointed I didn't make that. Again, he made par. So I could have picked up another shot there. And I had a great putt at 16. My God, that and 18 were the best putts I hit this week and neither one went in. Boy, it's hard to say I would like to have them over because I don't think I could have hit as good a putt if I did it again.

16, I hit a fantastic putt that ended up right behind the hole. It just didn't go. 18, when it left my putter, it felt good. I went, 'Oh my God, I made it.' I had no doubt it was going in and somehow it just didn't go in.

DAVE SENKO: Your four birdies. Do you remember what you hit on 3??

MARK WIEBE: Yes, 3, I hit a 60-degree wedge from 87 yards to the pin. That was probably about six or seven feet, I guess.

5 was nice. I hit a good drive and pulled my second shot to the left fringe, and I must have been 35 feet from the cup with it breaking about four different directions and it went in. It was nice. The crowd was nice. That's the meat of the course right there. A lot of people got a great rush off of that. That was great when I made that putt.

And Nick had a close birdie putt and missed. I just felt like if I could chink away. Nick is such a fantastic ball striker, fantastic. I mean, there is really not that many opportunities to capitalize because he is in the fairway and he is on the green. He is usually pretty close. It was just a long day. But anyway, getting back to that, that was a great putt. That was 35 feet, about.

DAVE SENKO: What did you hit in??

MARK WIEBE: I hit a 5 iron. And I think I had 191 yards, there about. Maybe it was 181. But that hole typically plays into the wind. It plays a little longer than the yardage.

13, the par 3, I hit a great shot. We all hit good shots. Joe had a pretty good shot there, too. That was behind the hole. I'm going to say that was about 12 feet. That was a big putt because Nick was in there about 8-10 feet. I needed to make that. A 5 iron. That was a nice three quarter 5 draw.

15, the par 5, was big. I tried to hit a huge drive there, which is stupid because I can't hit a huge drive. I got to just take what I get. I tried to hit a really big one. I hit it a little bit left and it kicked left, and I was kind of behind some trees. I hit a 5 iron in between trees. It was a nervy shot. I have to tell you that. Out of all day, that's the one that really made me I had to pay close attention on and got it up there to where I had 80 78 yards, I think, and I hit a 60 degree wedge from the right first cut and hit a really nice shot to about six feet.

DAVE SENKO: Questions??

Q. Talk about your second shot on 18. You think that was the shot??

MARK WIEBE: That's a new 3 wood. I don't think my shaft is right on that. It's a good 3 wood and I had to bust it. I really liked it when it left my club. I liked the trajectory. It was perfect for what I wanted to do. Unfortunately, it was hooking.

But right now with my game, for me to hit it low and chase it, I got to hit it right to left a little bit and get some power behind it. I just overcooked it. It's funny. That never really bothered me. I gave it a shot. It didn't turn out.

My lie over in the rough was brutal, I have to tell you. It wasn't kind of fluffy and nice. I had to kind of go through it and gouge. I thought just get on the green, who knows.

Q. It was about as good a shot you can hit out of that lie??

MARK WIEBE: Yes, because I'm hitting to a down-slope. It's not going to have any spin. I wanted the opportunity. I really wanted the opportunity, whether Nick made birdie or not, I just wanted to have a chance. His bunker shot, he hit just a little bit fat, I think, and all of a sudden when he two putted and now I got a chance.

So that was fine. Actually that's why we play right there. I loved it. It was great. You test your nerves and you test your stroke, and you test your focus. It's all a test, I guess.

Q. Were you a little surprised he (Price) putted out?

MARK WIEBE: No, I would have putted out. Not at all. These greens are spooky. I don't mean that bad against the golf course at all. They are spooky greens. Because of all of the different colors, and because they get a little lumpy, because they are poa annua, those little pumps, you don't want to be standing around. You want to get up there and get that thing in there. That didn't shock me at all. I would have done the same thing. Just get it in and get it over, and then wait and see what happens.

Q. What did your putt do on 18? Did it die left the very end?

MARK WIEBE: Yes, really at the end. Like I said, when I looked up and saw where it was, I said, 'Oh, man I made this putt.' Like, 'Wow, I made that.' That was cool. And it was breaking right in like it was going to go in the middle. It just slipped underneath the hole.

I didn't see that much break and neither did my caddy. But like I said, I really don't want that over because I don't think I could hit as good a putt if I hit it again now that I've done it. That's all I had.

DAVE SENKO: How far was it??

MARK WIEBE: 18, 20 feet about that.

Q. Mark, were you feeding off the galleries at all today??

MARK WIEBE: Kind of, sort of. It's fun to play in front of people. We are all a bunch of hams out here. The people are great. I have friends and family here so that was fun. There was enough people that I kind of lost my girls a lot. I didn't know where they were. I could usually make some eye contact. My oldest daughter drinks a lot of water. I kind of lost where they were. In fact, I didn't see them out there. That was fun. I probably fed off that, having dinners and fun stuff.

Now we get in the car and drive my wife and my oldest daughter and me are driving down to watch Gunner play the next two days.

So the fun hasn't stopped yet. If you think this was nervous, now I'm going to really be nervous. If I'm caddying for him, I'm cool. When I watch him, Cathy will say, you are an idiot. You say stuff like, 'Oh my God. I don't know what he's doing here and why is he using that club? He has been hitting it left and there is trouble left.' All of that stuff dads do.

Q. Maybe not the result you were hoping for, but with the friends and family being here, and being back in Southern California, would you consider this one of the most memorable out here??

MARK WIEBE: I haven't had a very good start to the year since I've been on this Tour. I'm kind of slow. I do okay. I won Cap Cana the second year I was out here. That was a month from now. I haven't played that well in Florida. I played okay here, but I haven't finished it off. This week was nice. It was very memorable, for sure, and I am happy with the way I played.

This is a test for golfers. I didn't know I didn't have a bogey until we were done and my caddy said no bogeys today, and I had no clue that I didn't have a bogey. So that means that's good.

I was into what I was doing. That's what I need. I need to do that if I want to be successful on this Tour and beat guys like Nick Price and Mark O'Meara. My god, there is a long list of great players on this Tour. I have to be there to compete. I have to be into it.

DAVE SENKO: You just had one bogey over your last 45 holes.

MARK WIEBE: Yes, I think for the week I had one bogey and one double bogey. Two holes over par out of 54, not bad. I wish it was one better.

DAVE SENKO: Nick only had two.

MARK WIEBE: I probably fed off of Nick and Joe more than the galleries now that you bring that up. Nick, he is such a good ball striker. And so is Joe. When you get going, and the mojo gets in your group, and everybody is hitting good shots, and Joe holed a shot on 14. Made a couple of long bombs. You just get going.

We were all playing nice golf today; all three of us. So it was probably a good group to watch. It was fun to be in the last group. It wasn't like one guy played great and the other two guys didn't, or one guy had a tough day. We all played nice. It was nice golf today out of all three of us.

I think you feed off of that. I'm sure I pushed Nick. When he had a three shot lead, if I would have made a couple of bogeys, he has a different mindset, I'm sure. So, you know, I think we all fed off of each other a bit. We are all friends. Joe is high fiving people and doing his dancing. It was great, fantastic. That's why it was great. It was great.