What they said: Nick Price

March 12, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Toshiba Classic transcript archive DAVE SENKO: Nick, thank you. 3 under today, you stand at 14 under and a 2 shot lead, maybe just talk about your day.

NICK PRICE: You know, it was a tough day. Obviously any time you are off to a day like yesterday, you know, I think you play a little cautiously.

Today was the kind of day that I just wanted to put a good solid round in. I would have preferred to have shot a couple better than I did. I felt like I played better. You know, two shots better than I scored.

Apart from the bogey on 11, and the little short putt I missed on 12, I actually played solidly. I didn't make any mistakes.

I hit the ball most of the day where I wanted to. I drove the ball really well. I left a few shots on the golf course. I'm sure a lot of guys did.

I just felt that I got to shoot 3, 4, 5 under today and put myself in a really good position tomorrow.

It's quite often if you try to play aggressively after a round like yesterday, you can shoot a higher number and bring everyone back.

So I started off with a 2 shot lead, and tomorrow I got to play according to how the guys around me play. If they get off to a fast start, then I've got to respond.

But I am just going to try to play my game tomorrow and stick to the same game plan and try to play as smart as I can -- one shot at a time -- and see how it goes.

DAVE SENKO: Birdies??

NICK PRICE: 3, I pitched up to probably about 15 feet and made that.

7, I hit a pitching wedge to about three feet.

10, I hit a pitching wedge to about 12 feet.

11, I hit my 3 wood too far. It went 285 yards which is unusual. I normally hit it about 250. I actually got too close to the green. I was only about 65 yards to the pin. I'm trying to put a little bit of spin on it to keep the control, and I hit it about 3 yards too far and it pitched, and it went over the back of the green.

It didn't have a good lie over the back. I couldn't really chip it because it was lying in some woolly grass, and I decided to use a hybrid to putt with, and I knocked it about 8 feet by and missed it.

Then the next hole I hit a beautiful second shot there to about maybe 20 inches, and I felt like I put a good stroke on it. I may have pulled it. It's hard to miss the hole from a foot and a half, and I think it hit something.

I'm pretty sure it hit something. It hopped left and did a U-turn on me and I was in shock. But late in the day on poa annua that often happens.

15, I had a good drive and a 5 iron to about 35 feet and 2 putted.

A good par save on 17 from about six feet.

No birdie on 18. I used up quite a few of my birdies.

Q. Pros always say it's tough to go low two days in a row; it was more the 5 shot lead than going low??

NICK PRICE: Right. There is a time, I suppose, you know, I think when you play this game enough you know when not to take chances. There was some pins today if you hit it on the wrong side, I did a couple of times, it was hard to make par. You just can't play aggressively all the time. You are going to get stung.

But tomorrow I'm going to have to pick my chances. Just play each shot as it comes. That's all I'm going to do tomorrow.

Q. For example, No. 3 today you got a big lead, on another day you might have gone for the green there??

NICK PRICE: Actually I had a bit of mud on my ball. I was scared of it, not scared, worried about it going left in the water so I purposely hit it right there.

I think if I hit a 3 wood, there is obviously little spin on the ball when you use a 3 wood. It may have knuckled and nose dived. So I just played out to the right and I made a good birdie.

Q. Was that a hybrid??

NICK PRICE: Yes, I probably could have got to the front edge, but I did the smart thing there.

Q. Langer went with more club and hit it in the bunker??

NICK PRICE: Yes, I know.

Q. You mentioned tomorrow you are going to be watching the group. Did that enter your thought process today because you had a 5 shot lead??

NICK PRICE: No, I went out to shoot 3, 4, 5 under today. That was my game plan. I just want to put a solid round out there.

Up here, you have to put three solid rounds together. I got a great round yesterday, obviously, and I just need to play well enough to win. That's all. I'm not trying to set any records out there. I did the right thing today. I really feel like I did. Maybe a little negative on some shots. I hit a lot of good shots.

Q. Did you hear from anybody after shooting 60 yesterday, a lot of guys text you or call you??

NICK PRICE: A lot of my friends can't believe I putted that well. It was great, a lot of good texts yesterday from my friends.

Q. Nick, how are the greens today compared to yesterday and what did you have to do to kind of navigate them??

NICK PRICE: They are a little firmer. I think when the sun is not strong, the poa annua doesn't recover quickly enough. The little dents you get in the green, they don't seem to flatten out. They don't recover from the cleat marks that we wear now as fast. Hopefully with the time change tomorrow, we will be finishing an hour earlier than we would today. It was an hour ago that it got really cold. It was very cold the last two holes, for us anyway, us Floridians and Afrikaans.

Q. Was there any one part of your game significantly different than yesterday??

NICK PRICE: I drove the ball pretty well. You know, a day like yesterday when you hit a good iron shot, it finishes in the right spot, the way you can be aggressive with your putter.

Today I hit so many sidehill, crosshill putts, I had a lot of those today where you are just a little bit cautious. You know, the ones if you pop them a little bit they go 4 feet by, and you don't want to have too many 4 footers on these greens.

It was more of a strategic day for me today. Just play a little mere smarter and not take the chances that I needed to.

Without that bogey, if I hadn't made that bogey, and if I hadn't missed that short putt, I would have shot 66 today, which would have been a really solid round.