What they said: Joe Ozaki

March 12, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Toshiba Classic transcript archive DAVE SENKO: Birdies??

JOE OZAKI: No. 1, ten feet to make birdie. No. 2, 10 foot again.


JOE OZAKI: I lay up.

No. 4 is more, 25 foot. 7 (-iron), a little bit short.

No. 7, par 4, second shot 76 yards. Maybe 4 foot. No, four feet. 60 degrees wedge.

No. 9, 25 foot, make birdie.

13, 20 foot, 6 iron, the shot went a little bit short.

15, No. 15, second shot 7 wood, carry green and over. A very short 20 foot, make it.

THE INTERPRETER: 7(-wood) went over the green.

DAVE SENKO: Did you chip back??

JOE OZAKI: Yes, 20 foot short.

DAVE SENKO: You played very well today, maybe just talk about his day, how his round went??

THE INTERPRETER: He shot the same as yesterday but he putted real well. He could read greens better than yesterday.

DAVE SENKO: He had many long putts today??


DAVE SENKO: Made them today, miss yesterday??


Q. Following up with, what he said, why was he able to read the greens better today than yesterday??

THE INTERPRETER: He could relax really much today, today with Fuzzy today. Fuzzy Zoeller today. He was relaxing today. So it helped him quite a bit.

DAVE SENKO: Has he been in touch with his family??


DAVE SENKO: When was he able to reach them??

JOE OZAKI: Last night.

THE INTERPRETER: He tried to call her yesterday. But he couldn't get through. So his wife called him last night. So until then he couldn't talk to his family.

Q. Did that weigh on his mind at all while he was playing that he couldn't reach his family??

THE INTERPRETER: He wasn't really nervous. He knew if something happens, somebody would call him, call and tell him. He didn't hear anything from anybody, so he kind of knew the family was fine.

DAVE SENKO: Was there much damage near his home??

THE INTERPRETER: He lives in Tokyo so pretty much kind of far away from the main, damaged city. But they felt the shake, movement, so they were really nervous. His wife got so shaky because of the aftershock, too. They kept coming back, the aftershocks. His family got really nervous with the aftershocks.

DAVE SENKO: What about Mr. Ozaki, I saw there was some bad earthquake damage at Chiba??

JOE OZAKI: Tokyo, fine, no problem.

Q. Mr. Ozaki, do you have children??

JOE OZAKI: Yes, 2 boys, 20 and 12.

Q. Do you get to go home after the tournament??

JOE OZAKI: Yes, Monday.

Q. What is your wife's name and could you spell it??


DAVE SENKO: Does he feel he is in good shape going into tomorrow where he stands in the tournament??

THE INTERPRETER: He is hoping that he is going to get lucky, lucky shots coming in.

DAVE SENKO: He talked about playing with Fuzzy Zoeller, why does he like that, just keep him relaxed??

THE INTERPRETER: The way he plays, the rhythm, the tempo, he does things just relaxed. He is really laid back. He can get on his same rhythm.

Q. Did talking to his wife also have him relax today??

THE INTERPRETER: Totally, yes.

Q. Is that the first time that you had played with Fuzzy??

JOE OZAKI: No, many times.

THE INTERPRETER: The years back, when he played with Fuzzy the first time, he told him to relax more.

Q. How long have you been away from home??


JOE OZAKI: My son come to America, and I played with him in Scottsdale 10 days.

THE INTERPRETER: He played with his son who plays in college in Japan.

Q. A good player??