What they said: Greg Norman

August 02, 2009
PGA TOUR staff

U.S. SENIOR OPEN: Transcript archive

THE MODERATOR: At 11-under par for the championship, Greg Norman.

Q. Greg, two really good weeks for a guy who doesn't play a lot, but probably not what you wanted either, obviously??

GREG NORMAN: Freddy played great today, and I played poor. He really deserved to win. He really played well.

Q. Can you just maybe review your round for us quickly??

GREG NORMAN: I don't really want to review my round, no. Just wasn't good. The middle patch wasn't good. Just wasn't good.

Q. Seemed like you got it -- I mean, you hit some good shots. You actually had the tee for quite awhile there on the back nine. Hit some better shots but by that time --

GREG NORMAN: Nothing was going my way. I was out of energy and the momentum -- not physically out of energy, but the momentum wasn't on my side and things weren't happening for me, and no matter what I did, always seemed like it was the wrong thing instead of the right thing, and I just couldn't turn the corner on it, you know, that was it.

Freddy kept making birdies and that was the end of that.

Q. Tough when the leader is shooting one-below scores all day; it's hard to catch him??

GREG NORMAN: Sure it is.

He played great golf. He deserves to win when you shoot 7-under, that's very, very impressive.

Q. A couple of good drives early, didn't capitalize on them, did that set the tone??

GREG NORMAN: Just momentum, wasn't my day. It wasn't my day. Just didn't feel like there was anything happening out there. No matter what I did seemed, like I said, it was the wrong thing. You got to be able to make sure you capitalize on good shots, and I didn't.

Q. Speak to the course and the fan support all weekend long.

GREG NORMAN: Well, the fans were great; no complaints about that. The golf course was great.

Q. When you look at some of the scores on that board, is that reminder of how well guys play on this Tour??

GREG NORMAN: These guys can still play. The golf course is very similar to what we played in 1991, and, you know, we are still hitting in the same places, hitting the same irons into the greens. So, you know, goes to show, these guys are still very, very good.

Q. Will you play JELD-WEN and then sort of look at what's going on, or is JELD-WEN it??

GREG NORMAN: Well JELD-WEN is the last of what I got on my list, yeah. We'll see what happens after that.

Q. Thank you??

GREG NORMAN: Thanks, guys.