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Official Money

Time Period
, juil. 07, 2019
1 T11 Dawson Armstrong 1 CAD$36,000
T2 T51 Patrick Fishburn 1 CAD$11,117
T2 William Register 1 CAD$11,117
T2 Ryan Ruffels 1 CAD$11,117
T2 T22 Paul Barjon 1 CAD$11,117
T2 T48 Jonathan Garrick 1 CAD$11,117
T2 Anthony Maccaglia 1 CAD$11,117
T8 T28 Grady Brame 1 CAD$5,600
T8 T34 Paul McConnell 1 CAD$5,600
T8 Riley Wheeldon 1 CAD$5,600
T8 T3 Hayden Buckley 1 CAD$5,600
T12 Tain Lee 1 CAD$4,050
T12 Charles Wang 1 CAD$4,050
T12 Matt Gilchrest 1 CAD$4,050
T12 T34 Eric McCardle 1 CAD$4,050
T16 David Wicks 1 CAD$3,100
T16 T45 Nathan Jeansonne 1 CAD$3,100
T16 T48 Taylor Pendrith 1 CAD$3,100
T16 T9 Bryson Nimmer 1 CAD$3,100
T20 T22 Peyton White 1 CAD$2,035
T20 Matt Marshall 1 CAD$2,035
T20 James Allenby 1 CAD$2,035
T20 Joseph Harrison 1 CAD$2,035
T20 Sean Walsh 1 CAD$2,035
T20 Dalton Ward 1 CAD$2,035
T20 Cooper Musselman 1 CAD$2,035
T20 Zach Cabra 1 CAD$2,035
T28 Billy Walthouse 1 CAD$1,293
T28 Zach Zaback 1 CAD$1,293
T28 Derek Chang 1 CAD$1,293
T28 John Langhoff 1 CAD$1,293
T28 T48 Hayden Shieh 1 CAD$1,293
T28 Greyson Sigg 1 CAD$1,293
T28 JD Fernandez 1 CAD$1,293
T28 T55 Brandon Hoelzer 1 CAD$1,293
T28 T7 Theo Humphrey 1 CAD$1,293
T37 David Bradshaw 1 CAD$1,020
T37 2 Travis Trace 1 CAD$1,020
T37 T7 Lorens Chan 1 CAD$1,020
T37 T34 T.T. Crouch 1 CAD$1,020
T41 Case Cochran 1 CAD$860
T41 T3 Jake Johnson 1 CAD$860
T41 Eamonn McLoughlin 1 CAD$860
T41 Carter Jenkins 1 CAD$860
T45 T22 Will Gordon 1 CAD$770
T45 Chase Parker 1 CAD$770
47 T51 S.M. Lee 1 CAD$740
T48 Nathan Yankovich 1 CAD$700
T48 Blake Sattler 1 CAD$700
T48 John VanDerLaan 1 CAD$700
T48 Derek Barron 1 CAD$700
T48 Kyle Mueller 1 CAD$700
T53 Kolton Crawford 1 CAD$660
T53 T40 Yannik Paul 1 CAD$660
T53 Cole Miller 1 CAD$660
56 T40 Alberto Sanchez 1 CAD$640
T57 Blake Olson 1 CAD$620
T57 Trey Shirley 1 CAD$620
T57 Jake Byrum 1 CAD$620
60 Zack Fischer 1 CAD$600
61 Aaron Beverly 1 CAD$590