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Official Money

Time Period
, Aug 05, 2018

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TOUR Average CAD$3,202

1 1 Tyler McCumber 1 CAD$36,000
2 Ian Holt 1 CAD$21,600
3 George Cunningham 1 CAD$13,600
4 T28 Chris Williams 1 CAD$9,600
T5 Yannik Paul 1 CAD$7,300
T5 Patrick Fishburn 1 CAD$7,300
T5 T28 Paul Park 1 CAD$7,300
T8 Greyson Sigg 1 CAD$6,000
T8 T21 Dawson Armstrong 1 CAD$6,000
T10 Grant Hirschman 1 CAD$5,200
T10 T39 Mathias Dahl 1 CAD$5,200
T12 T39 Jesse Smith 1 CAD$4,200
T12 T61 Dylan Wu 1 CAD$4,200
T12 T10 Cole Miller 1 CAD$4,200
T15 T13 Corey Pereira 1 CAD$3,500
T15 Brett Coletta 1 CAD$3,500
T17 T21 Zach Foushee 1 CAD$3,100
T17 Justin Doeden 1 CAD$3,100
T19 Anthony Maccaglia 1 CAD$2,510
T19 Jared Bettcher 1 CAD$2,510
T19 T50 Ian Davis 1 CAD$2,510
T19 T3 Drew Weaver 1 CAD$2,510
T23 T28 Michael Gligic 1 CAD$1,714
T23 Brett Lederer 1 CAD$1,714
T23 Mark Anguiano 1 CAD$1,714
T23 Taylor Pendrith 1 CAD$1,714
T23 T55 Matt Marshall 1 CAD$1,714
T23 Aaron Crawford 1 CAD$1,714
T23 T50 Ruben Sondjaja 1 CAD$1,714
T30 Lorens Chan 1 CAD$1,320
T30 T8 Sam Fidone 1 CAD$1,320
T30 Jere Pelletier 1 CAD$1,320
T33 6 Zach Zaback 1 CAD$1,080
T33 Will McCurdy 1 CAD$1,080
T33 Carter Jenkins 1 CAD$1,080
T33 T39 Derek Barron 1 CAD$1,080
T33 Ben Griffin 1 CAD$1,080
T33 Jake Kevorkian 1 CAD$1,080
T33 T50 Zach Wright 1 CAD$1,080
T33 2 Michael Gellerman 1 CAD$1,080
T33 Christopher Petefish 1 CAD$1,080
T42 Andrew Funk 1 CAD$840
T42 Blake Sattler 1 CAD$840
T42 David Bradshaw 1 CAD$840
T45 Jonathan Garrick 1 CAD$729
T45 Myles Lewis 1 CAD$729
T45 Max Gilbert 1 CAD$729
T45 T47 Ben Geyer 1 CAD$729
T45 T28 Jeremy Paul 1 CAD$729
T45 P.J. Samiere 1 CAD$729
T45 T10 Tyler Collier 1 CAD$729
T52 Charlie Kern 1 CAD$675
T52 Zane Thomas 1 CAD$675
T54 Alexander Matlari 1 CAD$650
T54 T50 Ryan Elmore 1 CAD$650
T54 Blake Abercrombie 1 CAD$650
T57 Brendon Jelley 1 CAD$615
T57 Michael Kartrude 1 CAD$615
T57 Joseph Harrison 1 CAD$615
T57 T19 Derek Bard 1 CAD$615
T61 T61 Andrew Buchanan 1 CAD$585
T61 Theo Humphrey 1 CAD$585
63 Wil Bateman 1 CAD$570