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Official Money

Time Period
, Jul 15, 2018

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TOUR Average CAD$3,161

1 T19 Ben Griffin 1 CAD$36,000
2 Riley Wheeldon 1 CAD$21,600
3 T19 Lee Hodges 1 CAD$13,600
T4 T13 Cole Miller 1 CAD$8,800
T4 Brett Coletta 1 CAD$8,800
T6 T19 Andrew Dorn 1 CAD$6,475
T6 T2 Michael Gligic 1 CAD$6,475
T6 David Bradshaw 1 CAD$6,475
T6 Michael Gellerman 1 CAD$6,475
T10 T37 Ian Holt 1 CAD$4,600
T10 Jesse Smith 1 CAD$4,600
T10 T19 Josh Hart 1 CAD$4,600
T10 T34 Blake Olson 1 CAD$4,600
T10 T17 Tyler McCumber 1 CAD$4,600
T15 T6 Carter Jenkins 1 CAD$3,200
T15 T26 Jared du Toit 1 CAD$3,200
T15 T13 Greyson Sigg 1 CAD$3,200
T15 T54 Zane Thomas 1 CAD$3,200
T15 T8 Zach Zaback 1 CAD$3,200
T20 JD Tomlinson 1 CAD$2,167
T20 T4 George Cunningham 1 CAD$2,167
T20 Tanner Kesterson 1 CAD$2,167
T20 Blake Trimble 1 CAD$2,167
T20 T19 Ian Davis 1 CAD$2,167
T20 Ryan Williams 1 CAD$2,167
T26 Curtis Reed 1 CAD$1,640
T26 Alex Chiarella 1 CAD$1,640
T28 Alistair Docherty 1 CAD$1,360
T28 T54 Dylan Wu 1 CAD$1,360
T28 T28 Chandler Blanchet 1 CAD$1,360
T28 T26 Zach Foushee 1 CAD$1,360
T28 T28 Danny Walker 1 CAD$1,360
T28 1 Mark Anguiano 1 CAD$1,360
T34 Tyler Collier 1 CAD$1,140
T34 William Register 1 CAD$1,140
T34 58 Jonathan Khan 1 CAD$1,140
T34 Jonathan Garrick 1 CAD$1,140
T38 Jeremy Paul 1 CAD$920
T38 53 Stoney Crouch 1 CAD$920
T38 Jake Duvall 1 CAD$920
T38 Timothy Madigan 1 CAD$920
T38 Ben Geyer 1 CAD$920
T38 T37 Brad Miller 1 CAD$920
T38 Jack Newman 1 CAD$920
T45 Andrew Levitt 1 CAD$760
T45 Tee-K Kelly 1 CAD$760
T45 Yannik Paul 1 CAD$760
T48 T19 Cody Blick 1 CAD$715
T48 Alex Springer 1 CAD$715
T50 P.J. Samiere 1 CAD$680
T50 Matthew Picanso 1 CAD$680
T50 Ryan Snouffer 1 CAD$680
T50 Will McCurdy 1 CAD$680
T50 Aaron Cockerill 1 CAD$680
T55 Hunter Stewart 1 CAD$630
T55 Chris Killmer 1 CAD$630
T55 T28 Evan Bowser 1 CAD$630
T55 Steven Burak 1 CAD$630
T55 Daniel Stringfellow 1 CAD$630
60 Jamie Sadlowski 1 CAD$600
61 Thomas Campbell 1 CAD$590
62 T.T. Crouch 1 CAD$580
63 David Rose 1 CAD$570
64 T43 Tyson Alexander 1 CAD$560
65 Joey Savoie 1 CAD$