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Official Money

Time Period
, Aug 06, 2017

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TOUR Average CAD$2,696

1 Patrick Newcomb 1 CAD$31,500
2 Max Rottluff 1 CAD$18,900
T3 Wade Binfield 1 CAD$9,100
T3 T7 William Starke 1 CAD$9,100
T3 T7 Sean Kelly 1 CAD$9,100
T6 T57 Jhared Hack 1 CAD$5,863
T6 Josh Hart 1 CAD$5,863
T6 Lorens Chan 1 CAD$5,863
T9 T7 Chad Ramey 1 CAD$4,050
T9 Russell Surber 1 CAD$4,050
T9 Derek Barron 1 CAD$4,050
T9 T26 Chris Williams 1 CAD$4,050
T9 1 Hank Lebioda 1 CAD$4,050
T9 T21 Hunter Stewart 1 CAD$4,050
T9 T7 Jared du Toit 1 CAD$4,050
T16 T7 Corey Pereira 1 CAD$2,800
T16 Trevor Cone 1 CAD$2,800
T16 T26 T.J. Vogel 1 CAD$2,800
T19 Cristobal Del Solar 1 CAD$2,121
T19 T26 Chase Wright 1 CAD$2,121
T19 Max McGreevy 1 CAD$2,121
T19 Andrew Novak 1 CAD$2,121
T19 T16 Jonathan Khan 1 CAD$2,121
24 Chad McCann 1 CAD$1,680
T25 Brett Cairns 1 CAD$1,470
T25 Kramer Hickok 1 CAD$1,470
T25 Mark Baldwin 1 CAD$1,470
T28 Blake Sattler 1 CAD$1,260
T28 T26 Ryan Linton 1 CAD$1,260
T28 T26 Will McCurdy 1 CAD$1,260
T31 Robby Ormand 1 CAD$1,050
T31 T2 Daniel Kim 1 CAD$1,050
T31 T16 Scott Wolfes 1 CAD$1,050
T31 Joseph Harrison 1 CAD$1,050
T31 T26 Scott Vincent 1 CAD$1,050
T31 T13 Beonyeong Lee 1 CAD$1,050
T31 66 Kevin Lucas 1 CAD$1,050
T38 T49 Matt Hansen 1 CAD$776
T38 Jay Woodson 1 CAD$776
T38 T13 Matthew Picanso 1 CAD$776
T38 T39 Greyson Sigg 1 CAD$776
T38 T57 Lee McCoy 1 CAD$776
T38 Chris Killmer 1 CAD$776
T38 Chris Gilman 1 CAD$776
T38 Ryan Heisey 1 CAD$776
T38 T39 Brian Dwyer 1 CAD$776
T47 Aaron Cockerill 1 CAD$618
T47 Jamie Marshall 1 CAD$618
T47 T16 Ryan Williams 1 CAD$618
T47 T2 Rico Hoey 1 CAD$618
T47 Taylor Pendrith 1 CAD$618
T47 T39 Johnny Ruiz 1 CAD$618
T53 T5 Chase Marinell 1 CAD$578
T53 David Pastore 1 CAD$578
T53 Juan Carlos Serrano 1 CAD$578
56 Austin Quick 1 CAD$560
T57 T46 Michael Miller 1 CAD$547
T57 Manav Shah 1 CAD$547
59 T57 Jeff Rein 1 CAD$534
T60 Brandon McIver 1 CAD$516
T60 T39 Robbie Greenwell 1 CAD$516
T60 Evan Russell 1 CAD$516
T63 Yi Cao 1 CAD$494
T63 T26 James Love 1 CAD$494
T65 Seann Harlingten 1 CAD$477
T65 Jamie Sadlowski 1 CAD$477