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Official Money

Time Period
, Jul 31, 2016

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TOUR Average CAD$2,538

1 T10 Aaron Wise 1 CAD$31,500
T2 Puma Dominguez 1 CAD$15,400
T2 14 Brock Mackenzie 1 CAD$15,400
4 Seth Reeves 1 CAD$8,400
T5 1 Taylor Moore 1 CAD$6,388
T5 T41 William Starke 1 CAD$6,388
T5 T32 David Skinns 1 CAD$6,388
8 T34 Ryan Williams 1 CAD$5,425
T9 T18 Max Gilbert 1 CAD$4,725
T9 Kyle Wilshire 1 CAD$4,725
T9 Talor Gooch 1 CAD$4,725
T12 Wes Heffernan 1 CAD$3,225
T12 Chris Worrell 1 CAD$3,225
T12 Sean Kelly 1 CAD$3,225
T12 T10 Michael Letzig 1 CAD$3,225
T12 T4 Michael Gligic 1 CAD$3,225
T12 Scott Vincent 1 CAD$3,225
T12 T10 Samuel Del Val 1 CAD$3,225
T19 Joel Thelen 1 CAD$2,275
T19 T4 Manav Shah 1 CAD$2,275
T19 T18 Dillon Rust 1 CAD$2,275
T22 Kevin Spooner 1 CAD$1,750
T22 71 Michael Tolladay 1 CAD$1,750
T22 Seann Harlingten 1 CAD$1,750
T22 Lucas Kim 1 CAD$1,750
T26 T41 Ross Beal 1 CAD$1,275
T26 Seath Lauer 1 CAD$1,275
T26 T15 John Chin 1 CAD$1,275
T26 T51 Conrad Shindler 1 CAD$1,275
T26 Ryan Heisey 1 CAD$1,275
T26 Riley Fleming 1 CAD$1,275
T26 T41 Taylor Hancock 1 CAD$1,275
T33 T27 Curtis Reed 1 CAD$928
T33 Paul McConnell 1 CAD$928
T33 T48 Matt Hansen 1 CAD$928
T33 T18 Michael Schoolcraft 1 CAD$928
T33 3 Austin Connelly 1 CAD$928
T33 70 Wil Bateman 1 CAD$928
T33 Chris Williams 1 CAD$928
T33 Cameron Wilson 1 CAD$928
T33 Devin Carrey 1 CAD$928
T33 Russell Budd 1 CAD$928
T43 T4 Cameron Peck 1 CAD$669
T43 Kaz Hoffman 1 CAD$669
T43 T10 Sebastian Szirmak 1 CAD$669
T43 2 Corey Conners 1 CAD$669
T43 Charlie Bull 1 CAD$669
T43 T41 Chase Marinell 1 CAD$669
T43 Mark Geddes 1 CAD$669
T50 T59 Hank Lebioda 1 CAD$604
T50 Ben Taylor 1 CAD$604
T50 T27 Jeff Rein 1 CAD$604
T53 Byron Meth 1 CAD$582
T53 T34 James Erkenbeck 1 CAD$582
T55 T41 Zachary Edmondson 1 CAD$556
T55 Brian Jung 1 CAD$556
T55 Carter Jenkins 1 CAD$556
T55 Erick Justesen 1 CAD$556
T59 Edward Figueroa 1 CAD$525
T59 T4 Tain Lee 1 CAD$525
T59 Caleb Sturgeon 1 CAD$525
62 Joseph Harrison 1 CAD$508
T63 T65 Ryan Burgess 1 CAD$490
T63 T34 Nicholas Reach 1 CAD$490
T63 T48 Curtis Donahoe 1 CAD$490
T66 Tim Ailes 1 CAD$468
T66 T34 Will McCurdy 1 CAD$468
68 Nyasha Mauchaza 1 CAD$455
69 T32 Riley Wheeldon 1 CAD$446
70 Thomas Baik 1 CAD$438
71 Anthony Paolucci 1 CAD$429
72 Scott Secord 1 CAD$