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Order of Merit

Time Period
, juil. 17, 2016
1 T23 Taylor Moore 1 CAD$31,500
2 T11 Corey Conners 1 CAD$18,900
3 Austin Connelly 1 CAD$11,900
T4 Manav Shah 1 CAD$6,891
T4 T2 Cameron Peck 1 CAD$6,891
T4 T2 Michael Gligic 1 CAD$6,891
T4 T15 Tain Lee 1 CAD$6,891
T8 T31 Aaron Cockerill 1 CAD$5,250
T8 T15 T.J. Vogel 1 CAD$5,250
T10 Sebastian Szirmak 1 CAD$4,200
T10 Samuel Del Val 1 CAD$4,200
T10 Michael Letzig 1 CAD$4,200
T10 Aaron Wise 1 CAD$4,200
14 T9 Brock Mackenzie 1 CAD$3,325
T15 T15 John Chin 1 CAD$2,975
T15 Paul Barjon 1 CAD$2,975
T15 Julien Brun 1 CAD$2,975
T18 Daniel Miernicki 1 CAD$1,991
T18 T49 Brett Lederer 1 CAD$1,991
T18 T4 Max Gilbert 1 CAD$1,991
T18 T15 Adam Webb 1 CAD$1,991
T18 Chris Hemmerich 1 CAD$1,991
T18 T23 Dillon Rust 1 CAD$1,991
T18 T4 Michael Schoolcraft 1 CAD$1,991
T18 Scott Wolfes 1 CAD$1,991
T18 Cody Blick 1 CAD$1,991
T27 Curtis Reed 1 CAD$1,267
T27 T49 Bradley Caldwell 1 CAD$1,267
T27 T42 Augusto Núñez 1 CAD$1,267
T27 T42 Spencer Fletcher 1 CAD$1,267
T27 Jeff Rein 1 CAD$1,267
T32 T4 Riley Wheeldon 1 CAD$1,103
T32 T23 David Skinns 1 CAD$1,103
T34 Will McCurdy 1 CAD$945
T34 1 Dan McCarthy 1 CAD$945
T34 Ted Smith 1 CAD$945
T34 T31 Ryan Williams 1 CAD$945
T34 T15 Adam Cornelson 1 CAD$945
T34 T23 Nicholas Reach 1 CAD$945
T34 James Erkenbeck 1 CAD$945
T41 T28 Ross Beal 1 CAD$715
T41 Chase Marinell 1 CAD$715
T41 Zachary Edmondson 1 CAD$715
T41 T4 William Starke 1 CAD$715
T41 Taylor Hancock 1 CAD$715
T41 Danny Sahl 1 CAD$715
T41 T11 Scott Gutschewski 1 CAD$715
T48 Curtis Donahoe 1 CAD$621
T48 Ben Geyer 1 CAD$621
T48 T36 Matt Hansen 1 CAD$621
T51 Christopher Wolfe 1 CAD$586
T51 Logan McCracken 1 CAD$586
T51 T49 Conrad Shindler 1 CAD$586
T51 Jarryd Felton 1 CAD$586
T51 Tyler McCumber 1 CAD$586
T56 Jonathan Fly 1 CAD$556
T56 Joe Parkinson 1 CAD$556
58 Jay Myers 1 CAD$543
T59 T23 Colin Featherstone 1 CAD$521
T59 Cameron White 1 CAD$521
T59 David Fink 1 CAD$521
T59 T11 Hank Lebioda 1 CAD$521
T63 Wade Binfield 1 CAD$494
T63 Sam Love 1 CAD$494
T65 Ryan Burgess 1 CAD$477
T65 Brad Benjamin 1 CAD$477
T67 T42 Brad Clapp 1 CAD$455
T67 T58 Brad Schneider 1 CAD$455
T67 Charlie Winegardner 1 CAD$455
70 T55 Wil Bateman 1 CAD$438
71 Michael Tolladay 1 CAD$429
72 Michael Blair 1 CAD$420
73 Blair Hamilton 1 CAD$