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Official Money

Time Period
, Aug 23, 2015

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TOUR Average CAD$2,802

1 T32 Sam Ryder 1 CAD$31,500
2 T10 Taylor Pendrith 1 CAD$18,900
3 Clayton Rask 1 CAD$11,900
4 Ross Beal 1 CAD$8,400
T5 Wade Binfield 1 CAD$6,147
T5 Seann Harlingten 1 CAD$6,147
T5 J.J. Spaun 1 CAD$6,147
T5 T39 Riley Wheeldon 1 CAD$6,147
9 Nyasha Mauchaza 1 CAD$5,075
T10 T3 Mackenzie Hughes 1 CAD$4,200
T10 T10 David Pastore 1 CAD$4,200
T10 T27 Doug Letson 1 CAD$4,200
T10 Curtis Reed 1 CAD$4,200
T14 Charlie Bull 1 CAD$3,238
T14 Dillon Rust 1 CAD$3,238
T16 T15 Mike Ballo, Jr. 1 CAD$2,713
T16 T18 Michael Letzig 1 CAD$2,713
T16 Ted Smith 1 CAD$2,713
T16 T32 Eric Onesi 1 CAD$2,713
T20 T32 Matt Hill 1 CAD$1,967
T20 T64 David Skinns 1 CAD$1,967
T20 Jay Myers 1 CAD$1,967
T20 Paul McConnell 1 CAD$1,967
T20 T61 Tyler Light 1 CAD$1,967
T25 John Catlin 1 CAD$1,283
T25 Chase Seiffert 1 CAD$1,283
T25 James Erkenbeck 1 CAD$1,283
T25 Brady Watt 1 CAD$1,283
T25 Beonyeong Lee 1 CAD$1,283
T25 Zack Byrd 1 CAD$1,283
T25 John Ellis 1 CAD$1,283
T25 T64 Chris Killmer 1 CAD$1,283
T25 T18 Michael Gligic 1 CAD$1,283
T34 Christopher Ross 1 CAD$1,015
T34 T54 Brian Hughes 1 CAD$1,015
T34 Robert Karlsson 1 CAD$1,015
T37 T39 Michael Miller 1 CAD$910
T37 T18 Mookie DeMoss 1 CAD$910
T37 Matt Harmon 1 CAD$910
T40 Kyle Stough 1 CAD$743
T40 T54 Stuart Anderson 1 CAD$743
T40 T52 Olin Browne, Jr. 1 CAD$743
T40 Spence Fulford 1 CAD$743
T40 T68 Chris Worrell 1 CAD$743
T40 Christopher Malec 1 CAD$743
T40 T57 Jeff Rein 1 CAD$743
T47 Kevin Vanden Heuvel 1 CAD$628
T47 T39 Brad Clapp 1 CAD$628
T47 Ben Silverman 1 CAD$628
T47 T8 Nate McCoy 1 CAD$628
T51 T15 Wes Heffernan 1 CAD$595
T51 Krister Eriksson 1 CAD$595
T51 David Mills 1 CAD$595
T54 T13 Kevin Spooner 1 CAD$564
T54 T52 Derek Gillespie 1 CAD$564
T54 Lee Curry 1 CAD$564
T54 T3 Chris Williams 1 CAD$564
58 T61 Steve Carney 1 CAD$543
59 Ben Geyer 1 CAD$534
T60 Jack Wilson 1 CAD$521
T60 T39 Jeffrey Hamm 1 CAD$521
62 T45 Charlie Winegardner 1 CAD$508
63 Kevin Dougherty 1 CAD$499