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Order of Merit

Time Period
, août 09, 2009
1 Ryan Yip 1 CAD$21,616
T2 Trey Denton 1 CAD$10,538
T2 Jeff Cuzzort 1 CAD$10,538
4 James Love 1 CAD$6,485
T5 Clint Rice 1 CAD$4,909
T5 T29 Jim Lemon 1 CAD$4,909
T5 Richard Lee 1 CAD$4,909
T8 Mike Grob 1 CAD$3,783
T8 T35 Jim Seki 1 CAD$3,783
T8 Kent Eger 1 CAD$3,783
T8 39 Andrew Parr 1 CAD$3,783
T12 T15 Ty Harris 1 CAD$2,837
T12 Brad Heaven 1 CAD$2,837
T12 Tom Stankowski 1 CAD$2,837
T15 Brian McCann 1 CAD$2,297
T15 T40 Scott Gibson 1 CAD$2,297
T15 Timothy Wood 1 CAD$2,297
T18 Reggie Millage 1 CAD$1,959
T18 T24 Clayton Rask 1 CAD$1,959
T20 T2 Lucas Lee 1 CAD$1,723
T20 T13 Andy Walker 1 CAD$1,723
T22 Matt Johnston 1 CAD$1,424
T22 Derek Oakey 1 CAD$1,424
T22 Greg Machtaler 1 CAD$1,424
T22 Bobby Gates 1 CAD$1,424
T22 53 Matt McQuillan 1 CAD$1,424
T22 Michael Nicoletti 1 CAD$1,424
T22 Mario Tiziani 1 CAD$1,424
T29 Darren Griff 1 CAD$1,104
T29 T29 Scott Ford 1 CAD$1,104
T29 Dan McCarthy 1 CAD$1,104
T29 James Fitzpatrick 1 CAD$1,104
T29 Brady Schnell 1 CAD$1,104
T29 Will Mitchell 1 CAD$1,104
T35 James Hahn 1 CAD$878
T35 Yohann Benson 1 CAD$878
T35 Phil Telliard 1 CAD$878
T35 Jason Kang 1 CAD$878
T35 Terry O'Brien 1 CAD$878
T35 Russell Surber 1 CAD$878
T35 1 Graham DeLaet 1 CAD$878
T42 Jaime Gomez 1 CAD$681
T42 Ciaran McMonagle 1 CAD$681
T42 T6 Derek Gillespie 1 CAD$681
T42 Ezequiel Reyna III 1 CAD$681
T42 T49 Zack Shriver 1 CAD$681
T47 B Benedictson 1 CAD$588
T47 T21 Lee Curry 1 CAD$588
T47 Victor Ciesielski 1 CAD$588
T50 T56 Mitchell Fox 1 CAD$527
T50 T35 Alex Coe 1 CAD$527
T50 Mike Mezei 1 CAD$527
T50 JC Deacon 1 CAD$527
T50 David Hahn 1 CAD$527
T55 Brad Tilley 1 CAD$476
T55 T54 David Jackson 1 CAD$476
T55 Jason Moon 1 CAD$476
T58 Craig Marseilles 1 CAD$400
T58 Cesar Coello 1 CAD$400
T58 T58 David Williamson 1 CAD$400
T58 T6 Mark Leon 1 CAD$400
T62 T44 Kris Wasylowich 1 CAD$270
T62 Craig Hicks 1 CAD$270
T62 Shawn Lafontaine 1 CAD$270
T62 Nick Travers 1 CAD$270
T62 Barry O'Neill 1 CAD$270
T62 Jacob Kimball 1 CAD$270
T62 Brian Unk 1 CAD$270
T62 Scott Hawley 1 CAD$270
70 Brad Larente 1 CAD$