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Official Money

Time Period
, Jun 28, 2009

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TOUR Average CAD$2,920

1 2 Graham DeLaet 1 CAD$27,653
2 T24 Byron Smith 1 CAD$16,592
3 T44 Scott Gibson 1 CAD$10,370
4 T48 Mauricio Molina 1 CAD$8,296
5 Stuart Anderson 1 CAD$6,913
T6 Josh Geary 1 CAD$5,963
T6 Garrett Frank 1 CAD$5,963
8 Andrew Parr 1 CAD$5,358
T9 Richard Scott 1 CAD$4,839
T9 T66 Josh Habig 1 CAD$4,839
T11 T48 Jim Lemon 1 CAD$3,432
T11 1 Mike Grob 1 CAD$3,432
T11 T66 George Coetzee 1 CAD$3,432
T11 T17 Liam Kendregan 1 CAD$3,432
T11 Jae-Woo Im 1 CAD$3,432
T11 Eugene Smith 1 CAD$3,432
T11 T48 Hugo León 1 CAD$3,432
T18 T59 Jason D'Amore 1 CAD$2,197
T18 Danny Sahl 1 CAD$2,197
T18 Ty Harris 1 CAD$2,197
T18 T35 Russell Surber 1 CAD$2,197
T18 T17 Wes Heffernan 1 CAD$2,197
T18 T6 Bryn Parry 1 CAD$2,197
T18 Tom Stankowski 1 CAD$2,197
T25 Andy Matthews 1 CAD$1,698
T25 Andrew Smeeth 1 CAD$1,698
T25 Ryan Horn 1 CAD$1,698
T25 T28 Brett Lederer 1 CAD$1,698
T29 T35 Ryan Yip 1 CAD$1,486
T29 T44 Alex Coe 1 CAD$1,486
T29 T11 Andres Gonzales 1 CAD$1,486
T32 Brett Bingham 1 CAD$1,253
T32 Luke Hickmott 1 CAD$1,253
T32 T17 Lee Curry 1 CAD$1,253
T32 T48 Brady Stockton 1 CAD$1,253
T32 Justin Smith 1 CAD$1,253
T32 Jamie Kureluk 1 CAD$1,253
T32 T17 Matt Marshall 1 CAD$1,253
T39 T44 Joseph Greiner 1 CAD$1,059
T39 Mitchell Tasker 1 CAD$1,059
T41 T66 Barrett Jarosch 1 CAD$909
T41 T28 Kris Wasylowich 1 CAD$909
T41 T66 Michael Gligic 1 CAD$909
T41 T48 Andrew Johnson 1 CAD$909
T41 Peter Laws 1 CAD$909
T46 T59 David Jackson 1 CAD$754
T46 T59 James Allenby 1 CAD$754
T46 Drew Stoltz 1 CAD$754
T46 Brady Schnell 1 CAD$754
T46 Tyler Martin 1 CAD$754
T51 T6 Brad Heaven 1 CAD$641
T51 Greg Machtaler 1 CAD$641
T51 Hoyt McGarity 1 CAD$641
T51 Oliver Tubb 1 CAD$641
T51 T48 Garrett Sapp 1 CAD$641
T51 Ryan Panichpakdee 1 CAD$641
T51 Erick Justesen 1 CAD$641
T58 Jordan Irwin 1 CAD$574
T58 Mike Mezei 1 CAD$574
60 Darren Hupfer 1 CAD$