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Official Money

Time Period
, Jul 13, 2008

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TOUR Average CAD$2,510

1 John Ellis 1 CAD$23,767
2 Andrew Parr 1 CAD$14,260
T3 Justin Itzen 1 CAD$8,021
T3 T30 Adam Bland 1 CAD$8,021
T5 T21 Mike Grob 1 CAD$5,397
T5 T14 Brent Schwarzrock 1 CAD$5,397
T5 Richard Scott 1 CAD$5,397
T8 29 Conner Robbins 1 CAD$4,308
T8 James Hahn 1 CAD$4,308
T8 John Cassidy 1 CAD$4,308
T11 Scott Gibson 1 CAD$3,417
T11 T14 Wes Heffernan 1 CAD$3,417
T11 T37 Jim Seki 1 CAD$3,417
T14 T4 Dale Vallely 1 CAD$2,451
T14 Luke Hickmott 1 CAD$2,451
T14 T44 Scott Ford 1 CAD$2,451
T14 T21 Ryan Carter 1 CAD$2,451
T14 T54 John Lieber 1 CAD$2,451
T14 Alan McLean 1 CAD$2,451
T20 Kevin Kim 1 CAD$1,820
T20 Steve Conway 1 CAD$1,820
T20 Zack Shriver 1 CAD$1,820
T20 Brian Unk 1 CAD$1,820
T24 T25 Eugene Smith 1 CAD$1,466
T24 Michael Walton 1 CAD$1,466
T24 Drew Stoltz 1 CAD$1,466
T24 T25 Troy Kelly 1 CAD$1,466
T24 Jay Choe 1 CAD$1,466
T24 T14 Garrett Frank 1 CAD$1,466
T30 Daniel Im 1 CAD$1,255
T30 Jason Moon 1 CAD$1,255
T32 T30 Joseph Lanza 1 CAD$1,058
T32 T59 Warren Pineo 1 CAD$1,058
T32 Randy Lowry 1 CAD$1,058
T32 T37 Adam Speirs 1 CAD$1,058
T32 Winn Smith 1 CAD$1,058
T32 Byron Smith 1 CAD$1,058
T32 Isaac Weintraub 1 CAD$1,058
T32 Taylor Wood 1 CAD$1,058
T40 Ryan Yip 1 CAD$836
T40 T14 Ryan Thornberry 1 CAD$836
T40 T14 Brad Heaven 1 CAD$836
T40 T14 Michael Harris 1 CAD$836
T44 Jeff Rangel 1 CAD$728
T44 Timothy Wood 1 CAD$728
T46 Eric Wang 1 CAD$680
T46 T10 Scott Hawley 1 CAD$680
T48 T30 Richard Gilkey 1 CAD$603
T48 T10 Andres Gonzales 1 CAD$603
T48 T21 Mike Mezei 1 CAD$603
T48 Liam Kendregan 1 CAD$603
T48 Mario Tiziani 1 CAD$603
T48 Michael Wilson 1 CAD$603
54 Dustin Pimm 1 CAD$550
T55 So Kobayashi 1 CAD$523
T55 Garrett Sapp 1 CAD$523
T55 Russell Surber 1 CAD$523
T58 Justin Snelling 1 CAD$493
T58 T30 Anthony Rodriguez 1 CAD$493
60 Jordan Irwin 1 CAD$