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Official Money

Time Period
, Jun 29, 2008

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TOUR Average CAD$2,402

1 T61 Dustin Risdon 1 CAD$23,736
2 T34 George Bradford 1 CAD$14,242
T3 T34 Andy Walker 1 CAD$6,438
T3 Josh Habig 1 CAD$6,438
T3 T34 Steve Conway 1 CAD$6,438
T3 Kris Wasylowich 1 CAD$6,438
T3 Ricky Romano 1 CAD$6,438
T8 T9 Mike Sica 1 CAD$4,154
T8 Jordan Krantz 1 CAD$4,154
T8 T46 Clint Rice 1 CAD$4,154
T8 T9 Mike Grob 1 CAD$4,154
T12 T9 Kent Eger 1 CAD$3,264
T12 T17 Brad Heaven 1 CAD$3,264
14 T9 Derek Gillespie 1 CAD$2,819
T15 T19 Dong Yi 1 CAD$2,299
T15 Chris Wall 1 CAD$2,299
T15 Andrew Johnson 1 CAD$2,299
T15 T14 Jim Seki 1 CAD$2,299
T15 T30 Mitchell Tasker 1 CAD$2,299
T15 Marc Peterson 1 CAD$2,299
T21 Barrett Jarosch 1 CAD$1,634
T21 T61 Ryan Yip 1 CAD$1,634
T21 T24 Eugene Smith 1 CAD$1,634
T21 Clay Ogden 1 CAD$1,634
T21 Tommy Barber 1 CAD$1,634
T21 John Lieber 1 CAD$1,634
T21 T52 Luke Hickmott 1 CAD$1,634
T28 T61 Richard Gilkey 1 CAD$1,234
T28 Adam Short 1 CAD$1,234
T28 Robert Hamilton 1 CAD$1,234
T28 So Kobayashi 1 CAD$1,234
T28 T19 Ryan Thornberry 1 CAD$1,234
T28 T57 Dale Vallely 1 CAD$1,234
T28 Darren Fletcher 1 CAD$1,234
T35 Walter Keating Jr 1 CAD$1,020
T35 Andy Matthews 1 CAD$1,020
T35 T30 Michael Walton 1 CAD$1,020
T35 Josh Geary 1 CAD$1,020
T39 T34 Conner Robbins 1 CAD$853
T39 Ryan Camp 1 CAD$853
T39 T46 Mitch Gillis 1 CAD$853
T39 B Benedictson 1 CAD$853
T39 T19 Drew Stoltz 1 CAD$853
T44 Jeff Rangel 1 CAD$703
T44 Thomas Petersson 1 CAD$703
T44 Lindsay Bernakevitch 1 CAD$703
T44 Garrett Frank 1 CAD$703
T48 Kevin Kim 1 CAD$634
T48 Jeff Lai 1 CAD$634
T50 Stephen Dixon 1 CAD$586
T50 Mark Lawless 1 CAD$586
T50 T46 Casey Watabu 1 CAD$586
T50 Warren Pineo 1 CAD$586
54 T34 Tom Stankowski 1 CAD$549
T55 Greg McAuley 1 CAD$528
T55 Nick Manfre 1 CAD$528
T57 Andres Gonzales 1 CAD$504
T57 T46 Jay Choe 1 CAD$504
T59 T61 Jim Lemon 1 CAD$481
T59 Mark Kitts 1 CAD$481
T61 Luke Swilor 1 CAD$297
T61 Danny Sahl 1 CAD$297