Vokey T-Grind lob wedge no longer limited to the TOUR

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Vokey T-Grind lob wedge no longer limited to the TOUR

    Written by GolfWRX @GolfWRX

    Those keeping a close watch on equipment coverage often take notice of gear made specifically “just for the” PGA TOUR or “tour issue.” It’s every gearhead’s dream to find a way to procure a tour-prototype or something directly off a truck.

    Every now and then, the equipment manufacturers will make those “tour-issue” projects available in limited quantities.

    This week, Titleist Master Craftsman Bob Vokey released the tour-favorite T-Grind wedge -- featuring a low-bounce and a narrow crescent surface -- via WedgeWorks, the company’s custom-order arm.

    "Wedge play is an art, and the T-Grind brings out the best in the artist,” Vokey explained. “The leading edge stays low to the playing surface as the wedge is rotated which allows you to hit a variety of shots from tight lies. This is the wedge that really made Vokey Grinds an important part of our process and still to this day is a great option."

    Designed for players looking for a shallow angle of attack in firm conditions, the Vokey T-Grind lob wedges both feature in the bags of PGA TOUR stars Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas.

    Vokey Wedge representative Aaron Dill provides the lowdown on the new T-Grind:

    GolfWRX: What was the origin of the T-Grind?

    AARON DILL: “The T-grind started with the collaborative efforts of both Bob Vokey and Tom Pernice. Tom has an incredible short game and ability to articulate feedback that Bob trusts when designing and studying soles. Together they created the T; today one of the best low bounce offerings we have.”

    GolfWRX: Who is it for?

    DILL: “The T is a great low bounce option that caters to players wanting the ability to slide under the ball in the open position. The wedge fits firm conditions and firm bunkers, or players with impeccable technique who want the most versatility.”

    GolfWRX: What do Jordan and JT like about it?

    DILL: “Both Jordan and JT love this grind because it sits so close to the ground when open. This visual inspires confidence and gives them the freedom to be aggressive in every short game situation.

    “A great example of that was when Jordan was using a 60-04L -- this wedge was in the bag for a while and the biggest adjustments we made to the wedge was in the profile reducing the par height to look slightly smaller and increase topline curvature. This profile was precisely the look Jordan needed to see to feel comfortable and it was my focus with every wedge I made.

    “One day at Trinity Forest, Jordan was working with coach Cameron McCormick and saw an old rusty wedge resting against the wall. When Jordan picked it up, he realized it was an old 60T that he has used ages ago. The moment this wedge was put in the playing position that old feeling came back. Jordan called me and said, ‘I have this old 60T in my hands. I just love this thing. Do you still make this wedge?’”

    The T-Grind features the same technology found in Vokey's SM8 wedges, which includes a reimagined progressive CG pushed forward from the face for increased MOI designed to provide improved distance, trajectory control and better feel. The wedges also include 100%-inspected spin milled grooves that aim to produce maximum spin and shot control.

    The WedgeWorks T-Grind (RH only) is available for custom order in golf shops and on Vokey.comin both 58-degree and 60-degree lofts in Tour Chrome and Raw finishes.

    Each wedge costs $199, which includes custom stamping, custom ferrule, and custom shaft band options.