The PGA TOUR Audience

The PGA TOUR Audience will grow your business. Tour Fans spend more, make more, and give more than other major sports. Also, the TOUR audience comprises the business consensus and decision makers.


The PGA TOUR Audience Will Grow Your Business

Tap into an additional $66 Million of actual purchasing behavior by reaching the PGA TOUR audience

GfK MRI Doublebase Survey 2013, cross category spend data

The TOUR Audience Makes More, Invests More & Gives Back More

The TOUR Audience accounts for the majority of income and wealth in the U.S

GfK MRI Doublebase Survey 2013, US Census Bureau Economic Survey, Federal Reserve Chartbook

TOUR fans invest more actively than other major sports

GfK MRI Doublebase Survey 2013

TOUR fans are the most giving

GfK MRI Doublebase Survey 2013

The TOUR Audience Drives Business Decisions & Consensus

Advertising with the TOUR makes you more likely to reach key decision makers and organizational consensus builders

Indices vs. Total Population - GfK MRI Doublebase Survey 2013

The TOUR Has the Most Valuable Female Audience

Females account for 35% of PGA TOUR fans and are a more valuable audience than other sports

GfK MRI Doublebase Survey 2013

Reach the TOUR Fan Everywhere on Every Device

"Cross media consumption of sports content has a greater effect on attitudes toward advertising than demographics"

Brown, Brandon, and Larry DeGaris. "Passion Transfer in Sports Advertising: Sports Passion and Attitude toward Advertising." Journal of Applied Marketing Theory 4.1 (2013): 16-28

TOUR fans consume more content across more devices

Nielsen Year in Sports Media Report 2013