Parallax Reveal

The Parallax Reveal is a cross-platform, responsive ad unit running in fifth row of the leaderboard. The ad uses a parallax effect so that different layers appear to move at different rates with user scroll.




  • The responsive ad unit extends from edge-to-edge within the PGA Tour's Leaderboard page. 
  • Viewed at full-size on a desktop screen, the unit is 1320 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall. 
  • This ad dynamically re-sizes to become as small as 320x170 when viewed within a smartphone browser. 
  • Backup images of 970x90, 728x90 and 320x50 should be provided. 
  • Due to the complexity of this ad format, Parallax ads must be built in house by the PGA TOUR. 
  • Please note: Parallax units may include video, animated backgrounds and complex background/foreground layering interactions. As such, the guidelines below are generalized. Different asset delivery and timelines may apply.
  • Timelines: Fifteen working days from client assets delivery to launch is required. This includes two rounds of client review.
  • Client Asset Delivery: Please provide a layered Adobe Photoshop document that includes all images needed for final production. In general, that includes a background image; a left or right image or logo; a call to action, and a parallax layers.
  • Please also provide any font files needed, along with any uncompressed .mov files if video is included. Please provide animation direction via a movie or Flash file to communicate the parallax action desired.
  • Audio/Video Controls:  Audio must be user-initiated on click and include a "Mute" button. Video may be user-initiated or auto-play, and must have volume muted.  Video must also include "Play" and "Stop" buttons.